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Frequently Asked Questions

LeadershipITE will ensure that our Institute and its members are positioned
to engage and shape the future.


Why did (ITE) create LeadershipITE?
ITE recognizes the importance of proactively cultivating leaders to enhance the transportation profession. By establishing a formal leadership program, ITE seeks to provide program participants the skills, tools and network to successfully navigate their careers and be leaders in their places of business, communities and professional organizations of choice.

Why should an employer support participation in LeadershipITE?
High-level leaders build and sustain great companies and organizations (Collins 2001, Collins and Porras 2004). Participants will learn critical leadership skills, use the LeadershipITE forum to apply those skills, and build diverse professional networks. LeadershipITE participants will gain valuable experience and will graduate with the professional capacity to be a high-level leader for their organization.

Sample letter to employer to explain value of LeadershipITE Program and request support 

How does the profession benefit from the LeadershipITE program?
Through the program, ITE seeks to build a base of high-level transportation professional leaders who will be shaping the future of transportation policy, design, planning and implementation. LeadershipITE intends for these high-level leaders to use their skills to enhance the profession through their contributions within their public agencies, private firms, and universities and research organizations, as well as volunteer contributions to ITE.

What is the cost of the program?
Tuition for the program is $3,500. This includes two, in-person meetings, nine virtual workshops, four hours in length, course materials, and full registration at the ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibit. 

Are applicants required to have financial support from their employer?
No. Applicants are only required to show their employer’s commitment. However, ITE expects in most cases that participants will have their employer’s and/or District and Section provide financial support. Scholarships are also avalible to those who need assistance. Therefore, ability to pay should not discourage potential candidates from applying.

What are the time obligations of a participant in the program?
Participants will be expected to attend and actively participate in two, in-person two-day workshops, nine virtual workshops four hours in length, as well as the ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibit. Between workshops, participants will be expected to actively participate with fellow team members to complete small team group projects and class assignments (2-5 hours per month). Participants should not miss any of the workshops.

Who should apply to the LeadershipITE program?
Any student, member or fellow in good standing with ITE may apply for the program. The program seeks individuals who have demonstrated a capacity for leadership in any age group and are committed to the future of the transportation profession.

How does someone apply to the program?
Please send an expression of interest to