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2021 Virtual Program

We are bringing LeadershipITE to you!  For 2021, LeadershipITE will be a 100% virtual experience providing participants not only the same content that this program is built on, but also enhancements to provide additional ways to engage with classmates, alumni and the greater ITE community. 

LeadershipITE has always been built on the diversity of our profession, with our team looking to build classes each year that highlight this.  We are excited to be able to provide a program that can even be more inclusive by stripping away the time and cost constraints of travel.  With the 2021 program, you will be able to get the same powerful LeadershipITE experience but in a format that helps to better support and balance your professional and personal lifestyle.

This virtual experience will not be your average webinar.  The curriculum is built around engagement and each of the 12, 3-4-hour virtual workshops beginning in January will include interactive and experiential elements. These workshops are led by Shelley Row, P.E., CSP, a powerpoint leadership consultant who is also a registered professional engineer with a strong background in transportation, meaning you are in great hands and will undoubtedly benefit from her expertise.

Additionally, small team projects will be conducted addressing real-world issues facing the transportation profession and/or ITE and its members. (Note: To access previous group projects, scroll down to Alumni and the group projects are listed under each class link.) You will have even more opportunities to meet new people and grow your networks, with intimate social events, sessions and assignments with various LeadershipITE alumni and ITE leadership.   

If you’ve been interested in LeadershipITE, and the travel schedule and costs have held you back, 2021 is your opportunity to experience this one-of-a-kind interactive and engaging program without having to sacrifice time away from your family and work responsibilities.

2020 LeadershipITE Class Testimonial by Lisa Miller

Watch a recorded virtual session about the LeadershipITE Program 
(from August 2020 virtual ITE Annual Meeting session)

LeadershipITE will ensure that our Institute and its members are positioned to engage and shape the future.

Learn more about LeadershipITE 2020

The Future of Transportation

The world of transportation has been transforming at a rapid pace.  The challenges and opportunities created by these changes impact society and people’s quality of life in ways hardly predictable. Now, more than ever, we need Transportation Leaders that can effectively communicate, collaborate and advocate to help our communities navigate this evolution.  Our community must have the skills to not only engage but to lead. Developing the next generation of leaders is one of our key objectives.

Are you ready to take on that challenge?  Are you the future of transportation?

To this end, ITE has established LeadershipITE. It is a program to grow and empower leaders within the transportation industry so that they are well prepared for greater roles within their professional capacity as well as within ITE and other associations.  Since 2014, LeadershipITE has been identifying, developing, and engaging leaders to ensure that ITE and its members are positioned to participate and shape the future of transportation.

LeadershipITE is the only leadership program built specifically for Transportation Professionals by Transportation Professionals.  Led by Shelley Row, PE, CSP a professional engineer and former USDOT executive, the program has been developed from the ground up to give transportation leaders the tools and leadership knowledge that is tailored to the transportation world.


Program Goals

Target participants will represent the diversity of our community in age, gender, ethnicity and discipline. These individuals will engage in an intensive program that addresses the challenges and opportunities facing the transportation profession and ITE. Through this program, participants will explore current issues in transportation; develop and hone leadership competencies; and build the professional network required to excel as leaders in ITE, in their places of employment and communities.

Specifically, the LeadershipITE program is built to ensure that participants will:

  • Be self-aware so they are confident and comfortable with themselves and their skills
  • Understand, accept, empower and adapt for others
  • Be a high-functioning communicator
  • Be an effective networker in and advocate for the transportation industry
  • Be more confident in their role within ITE and as LITE alumni

Up to 25% of your PTOE, PTP or RSP certification renewal requirement PDHs can be earned by participation in the LeadershipITE Class.


To be eligible to participate in LeadershipITE the applicant must:

  • Be an active ITE Student, Member or Fellow in good standing with ITE.
  • Be able to demonstrate contributions to ITE through volunteer activities.
  • Be willing to work with their employer, District and Section for financial support of the registration fee.


Application Process


The application process for the 2021 LeadershipITE Class is due September 16, 2020 with funding due by November 16, 2020.

A completed application packet includes:

  • Completed application form submitted by the due date;
  • Responses to short essay questions;
  • Nomination letter from current or past ITE District or Section officer;
  • Support letter from current employer; and
  • Support letter from non-employer.



Tuition for the program is $3000. This includes all virtual workshops, course materials, program-related webinars (4-5), and registration to ITE’s Annual Meeting and Exhibit held during the program year. Tuition payments are due November 16, 2020.








    Year Program Sponsorships
    Florida District 2019 $3,000
    2017 $6,000
    Mid-Colonial District 2017 $4,000
    Canadian District 2020 $2,500
    2019 $2,500
    2018 $4,000
    Texas District 2017 $3,000
    Western District 2019 $3,000
    2018 $3,000
    2017 $3,000
    Northeastern District 2017 $2,500
    Mid-western District 2019 $1,000
    2017 $2,000
    Illinois Section 2019 $2,000
    Southern District 2020 $2,500
    2019 $2,000
    2017 $1,500
    Great Lakes District 2017 $1,500
    Georgia Section 2018 $1,500
    2017 $1,500
    Mid-Atlantic Section 2017 $1,500
    Indiana Section 2019 $500
    2017 $500
    Dallas Section 2017 $500
    Arizona Section 2017 $500
    North Central Section 2018 $250
    2017 $250
    Neel-Schaffer 2020 $2,5000