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The Future of Transportation

Are you prepared to be a strong leader in this dynamic environment? The pace of transformation in transportation, technology and the world at-large is accelerating. The challenges and opportunities created by these changes continue to impact society and people’s quality of life in ways hardly predictable. However, we do know there is a greater need for skills beyond technical competencies. Transportation leaders navigating this evolution must be able to communicate, collaborate and advocate with diverse professions, disciplines and communities to reach common goals for safer, livable, more vibrant communities.

It is clear that engineers, planners, and technologists, the core of the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ (ITE) membership, must be a part of these conversations. Our community must have the skills to not only engage but to lead. Developing the next generation of leaders is one of our key objectives.

To this end, ITE has established LeadershipITE. It is a program to identify, develop, and engage leaders to ensure that ITE and its members are positioned to participate and shape the future of transportation.

LeadershipITE will ensure that our Institute and its members are positioned to engage and shape the future.

Program Transition for 2020

We are excited to announce that LeadershipITE (LITE) is embarking on an exciting transition for 2020. For the last six years, Glenn Tecker has led the curriculum development and served as the lead facilitator. Glenn was instrumental in the creation of our program and we would not be where we are today without him. However, as with all things, change happens and his contract expired with ITE this year.

With that, ITE is very excited to announce that the 2020 LeadershipITE program will be led by Shelley Row! As a professional engineer and former USDOT executive, Shelley offers a wealth of leadership knowledge that is tailored to the transportation world. Shelley is the CEO of Insightful Leadership Institute. She is a former U.S. Department of Transportation Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office Director as well as former ITE staff member.

She is currently working closely with members of the LITE Steering Committee to develop course content that is unique and adapted specifically to the program goals. For more information on Shelley, please see the August '19 ITE Journal LITE showcase article or visit: Insightful Leadership with Shelley Row

Program Description

A class of approximately 25 members will be selected.

Target participants will represent the diversity of our community in age, gender, ethnicity and discipline. These individuals will engage in an intensive program of workshops, conferences, team projects, webinars, and other activities that address the challenges and opportunities facing the transportation profession and ITE. Through this program, participants will explore current issues in transportation; develop and hone leadership competencies; and build the professional network required to excel as leaders in ITE, in their places of employment and communities. Click here for an example LeadershipITE course program.

The primary components of the program include:

  • Three multi-day workshops.
    • A program kick-off and leadership workshop in conjunction with TRB will be held along with a meeting of the ITE International Board of Direction at ITE Headquarters in Washington, D.C. in January.
    • A leadership workshop and class activities will be held in the spring. The intent is to combine this meeting with an International, District or Section meeting depending upon that year's schedule.
    • A leadership workshop, class activities and graduation will be held in conjunction with the ITE Annual Meeting.
    • Note: Participants must not miss any of the face-to-face meetings unless there are extenuating circumstances. In this case, the individual must contact the chair of LeadershipITE.
  • Professionally facilitated team-building and leadership development exercises.
  • Small team projects addressing real-world issues facing the transportation profession and/or ITE and its members. To access previous group projects, scroll down to Alumni and the group projects are listed under each class link. 
  • Networking opportunities with international transportation leaders and decision makers.
  • Ongoing alumni activities and networking events.



To be eligible to participate in LeadershipITE the applicant must:

  • Be an active ITE Student, Member or Fellow in good standing with ITE.
  • Be able to demonstrate contributions to ITE through volunteer activities.
  • Be willing to work with their employer, District and Section for financial support of the registration fee.


Application Process

unity The application process for the 2020 LeadershipITE Class is due September 16, 2019 with funding due by November 15, 2019.

A completed application packet includes:

  • Completed application form submitted by the due date;
  • Responses to short essay questions;
  • Nomination letter from current or past ITE District or Section officer;
  • Support letter from current employer; and
  • Support letter from non-employer.



Tuition for the program is $3000. This includes all workshops (some meals during workshops), course materials, webinars, and registration to ITE’s Annual Meeting and Exhibit held during the program year. Where possible, it may also include registration to a District or Section event if combined with a LITE program. The registration does not include travel, hotel and some meals. Tuition payments are due November 15, 2019.








Year Program Sponsorships
Florida District 2019 $3,000
2017 $6,000
Mid-Colonial District 2017 $4,000
Canadian District 2020 $2,500
2019 $2,500
2018 $4,000
Texas District 2017 $3,000
Western District 2019 $3,000
2018 $3,000
2017 $3,000
Northeastern District 2017 $2,500
Mid-western District 2019 $3,000
2017 $2,000
Southern District 2020 $2,500
2019 $2,000
2017 $1,500
Great Lakes District 2017 $1,500
Georgia Section 2018 $1,500
2017 $1,500
Mid-Atlantic Section 2017 $1,500
Indiana Section 2019 $500
2017 $500
Dallas Section 2017 $500
Arizona Section 2017 $500
North Central Section 2018 $250
2017 $250