(Both ITS and non-ITS Recommended Practices)

ITE is one of five Standards Development Organizations (SDO) designated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) to advance new ITS standards. ITS standards can be broadly categorized as belonging to one of the three groups: Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC), National Transportation Communications and Interface Protocol (NTCIP) or the Traffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD). 

The following provides a list of standards being worked on by ITE including new standards under current development (Currently operating standards found in bold below: Connected Intersections, Connected Workzones, Infrastructure Standards Security Implementation as well as a list of NTCIP, TMDD and ATC standards that were developed or in process of being developed  and maintened by ITE as part of the ITS Standards Program. The ITE M&O/ITS Council is responsible for the development and maintenance of these standards.

Scroll over each standard family name for more detailed information. Use the links to access the status and latest versions of each standard. No cost copies of standards are also available from these pages.

For more information on ITE's role and process of developing new ITS and other working group standards, please click here

Connected Automated Vehicles/Connected Interoperability (CAV/CTI) Family 


Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) Family of Standards 


TSMO Big Data Exchange 


Security and Cybersecurity Standards for CTI and ITS 


NTCIP Family of Standards 


Light Emitting Diode (LED) Signal Specifications