Speed Management for Safety

The Speed Management for Safety resource hub is an interactive website on speed management for all transportation professionals seeking to safely manage speeds. The Institute of Transportation Engineers developed this resource hub, with funding from the Road to Zero Coalition, to provide transportation professionals with tools when considering the intricate factors in advancing effective speed management and road design. Creating a comprehensive speed management program can be an element of a successful Vision Zero plan toward eliminating roadway-related fatalities in the United States by 2050.

Transportation professionals understand the critical connection of vehicular speed to fatalities and serious injuries, but the factors in designing a road for safe speeds, mobility, and context is complex. With the use of roads evolving, speed management must take into consideration policy, road design, and enforcement to provide a safe environment for vehicles, freight, public transit, pedestrians, bicycles, and other modes.

This Speed Management for Safety resource hub provides a comprehensive overview of factors and resources available to transportation professionals when evaluating, designing, implementing, and enforcing safe speeds. The resource hub is not meant to be a stand-alone resource on all aspects of speed management, but instead is intended to expose all transportation professionals to speed management concepts and available resources.

Click on the focus areas below to learn more about each element of speed management for safety.

Speed as a Safety Problem covers the relationship of speed to crash causation and fatalities.

Setting Speed Limits provides approaches and factors to determine speed limits based on various road conditions.

Measures for Managing Speed summarizes how the 3 Es — engineering, enforcement, and education — can be used to provide effective speed management and safe streets.

Creating a Speed Management Program guides creation of a comprehensive speed management program in all types of communities.

For additional information on speed management as it relates to Vision Zero, check out the ITE Transportation Safety webpage, the Vision Zero Network Safety over Speed webpage, and the Federal Highway Administration Speed Management Safety program. Transportation professionals can also use resources available on speed management and safety from the World Health Organization’s UN Road Safety Collaboration, the National Association of City Transportation Officials, the Governors Highway Safety Association, and the National Transportation Safety Board.


Case Studies

Safe System Approach to Speed Management Case Study Database


The Speed Management for Safety resource hub is an evolving resource, and we encourage input to keep the information provided current to transportation professionals. To suggest additional information, suggested improvements or additional resources, please email