Safe Speeds

The Safe System Approach to Speed Management Database Map

The Safe System Approach to Speed Management database map is an interactive tool that identifies several communities that are applying elements and principles of the Safe System Approach to improve safety through speed management. The database map includes system, program, policy, and project practices through the lens of the Safe System Approach as a means to reducing and eliminating serious and fatal injury crashes. Practices highlighted through this website include speed management programs, plans, statutory speeds, special speed zones, automated enforcement, and/or traffic calming. These noteworthy practices consider methods of safe speeds through reduction of kinetic energy forces, target speeds that encourage drivers to drive at the speed limit, and road geometry to get drivers to drive at a safe speed for all road users.

To learn about the Safe System Approach and available resources, visit: To learn more about Speed Management for Safety and available resources, visit:

To view each noteworthy practice on the database map, click on each icon to view specific information on each practice. Each practice includes a description of the practice, the elements and principles of the Safe System Approach applied, key words, and before and after speed and crash data (if available) to demonstrate the effectiveness of the practice. Below is the symbol key for the type of practice:

Blue Book Symbol = Policy

Red First Aid Symbol = Program

Green Traffic Signal Symbol = Project

Yellow Caution Symbol = System

To view the full map in Google Maps, visit,-93.0635763,3.58z/data=!4m2!6m1!1s1IIZCP6rCoENOCfjNaSzmbRcbJ4C_AzPG or click the view larger map icon on the imbedded map below.

We encourage all communities to share their local results with others. To submit your Safe System Approach to speed management noteworthy practice, please submit complete case study information to Lisa Fontana Tierney at