RSU Standardization

The Institute of Transportation Engineers is developing a non-proprietary, industry-based consensus RSU standard that supports interoperability for state and local infrastructure owner/operators and the ability to connect to OEM’s and other users of RSU messages. This effort involves engaging with Stakeholders representing the industry at large including but not limited to Infrastructure, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’S), RSU manufacturers and the end users of data and services and is supported by the USDOT ITS Joint Program Office (JPO). Several associations such as Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE), American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO), National Electrical Manufacturers Associations (NEMA) and ITE are involved in ensuring balanced and effective stakeholder representation and adherence to Standards Development Process as Standards Development Organizations (SDO)

The goal of this work is to support the overall ITS JPO effort to provide personnel/working group with the key experience relevant to either the development and/or deployment of RSUs.  This would include infrastructure owner operators, and their vendors that have participated in RSU deployments such as Connected Vehicle Pilots projects and the Signal Phase and Timing Challenge.

We welcome stakeholders who are interested in receiving information about the project and to participate in the standard development process. Please email us to be included in the project updates communications at

Comments on the standard are welcomed at any time and are collected using the comment form and email it to However, when the

project/working group is active, then actions will be taken on comments received.

    1. CTI 4501 v01 – Connected Intersections (CI) Implementation Guide
    2. CTI 4001 v01 –  Roadside Unit (RSU) Standard
    3. CTI 4001 v01.01 - Roadside Unit (RSU) Standard Amendment
Version No.
Overall Status Under Development
v01.01 CTI 4001 v01.01 - Roadside Unit (RSU) Standard Amendment Published 9/16/2022
v01.00 CTI 4001 v01 –  Roadside Unit (RSU) Standard Published 11/11/2021
Notice of Intent to Adopt Roadside Unit (RSU) v01

Notice of Intent to Adopt I PDF

Standard Development Report (SDR) for RSU v01 PDF

Recommended Standard RSU v01 PDF 

User Comments on UCD RSU  Standard v01 Excel

RSU Standardization  Working Group Comments on RSU v01 PDF

Adopted 8/6/2021
User Comment Draft for Comments

Comment Form  

Draft RSU v01, Roadside Unit (RSU) Standard  PDF 

Completed 3/19/2021





pRS  Roadside Unit (RSU) Standard PDF 

Final System Design Details

Final ConOps document

Final Requirements document









Background Resources & Additional Materials

DSRC Roadside Unit (RSU) Specifications Document v4.1 

NTCIP 1218 v01 Draft: Object Definitions for Roadside Units (RSUs)

TS 10-2019 Draft: Connected Vehicle Infrastructure – Roadside Equipment

v01.5 Schedule   11/10/21
Scope Project and Working Group Scope   4/23/20
  Period of Performance (POP)   9/18/19-9/19/2022