Connected Intersections

ITE, with its partner standards development organizations (AASHTO, NEMA and SAE International), developed an Implementation Guide that defines the key capabilities and interfaces a connected intersection must support to ensure interoperability for state and local infrastructure owner/operators (IOO).   A connected intersection is defined as an infrastructure system that broadcasts signal, phase and timing (SPaT), mapping information and position correction data to vehicles. For the purposes of this task, the term “standard” applies to an Implementation Guidance document that undergoes the systems engineering process and gains standards development organization (SDO) stakeholder consensus. 

This effort involved engaging with Stakeholders representing the industry at large including but not limited to Infrastructure, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’S), Fleet and Truck operators, safety advocacy groups, multi modal partners and end users of data and services. This effort is supported by the USDOT ITS Joint Program Office (JPO). Several associations such as Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE), American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO), National Electrical Manufacturers Associations (NEMA), IEEE and ITE are involved in ensuring balanced and effective stakeholder representation and adherence to Standards Development Process as Standards Development Organizations (SDO). Several nodal agencies within USDOT were engaged in provided safety, fleet, trucking and pedestrian interests are safeguarded as well as in providing resources as needed to help an implementation ready product within two years. 

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Security Credential Management System (SCMS) PKI Certificate Providers

The following is a list of SCMS PKI Certificate providers known to the Connected Intersections Project along with their respective points of contacts. This list is provided as reference information to any agency who wishes to obtain security certificates. The Connected Intersection Project provides this list “as is” solely for informational purposes with no express or implied warranties that the list is up-to-date or complete nor does it imply any endorsements on the part of the Connected Intersections Project for any of the entities listed. Use of this list is solely at user’s own discretion.

If there are other SCMS providers that should be added to the list, please send your contact information to

Current Versions

  1. Connected Transportation Interoperability (CTI) family of standards:
    1. CTI 4501 v01 – Connected Intersections (CI) Implementation Guide
    2. CTI 4501 v01.01 – Connected Intersections (CI) Implementation Guide (Amended)
    3. CTI 4502 v01 - Connected Intersections Validation Report
    4. CTI 4001 v01 –  Roadside Unit (RSU) Standard
Version No.
Overall Status Under Development 
v01.01 CI Guide Amendment CTI 4501 v01.01 -Connected Intersections (CI) Implementation Guide Amendment 7/15/2022
v01.00 CI Validation Report CTI 4502 v01-Connected Intersections (CI) Validation Report 2/2022
v01.00 CI Implementation Guide  CTI 4501 v01 – Connected Intersections (CI) Implementation Guide



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