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TSMO LogoChair: Catalina Echeverri, Gannett Fleming, Miami, FL, USA
Vice Chair: Joe Gregory, USDOT, Washington, DC, USA
Vice Chair: Venkat Nallamothu, Vice Chair, TOXCEL, Washington, DC, USA

Guiding Principle: We share trends and promote the inclusion of TSM&O tools in all projects, from planning to operations.  

The Council mission is to promote dialogue and innovation in deployment of transportation solutions that maximize the use of existing infrastructure to benefit society. Our goal is to be a professional voice in marketing TSM&O so that it is viewed as equal in importance with project design and construction.

What will it take for Transportation Systems Management and Operations to be seen equal in importance with the design and the construction stages of transportation projects? It will take the active participation of more than 1,000 members of the TSM&O Council. Active participation of members is encouraged through this Council with ongoing dialogue of innovation in deployment of multimodal transportation solutions that maximize the use of existing roadway infrastructure to benefit society. Our goal is to be a professional voice in marketing multimodal transportation TSM&O so that it is viewed as equal in importance with project design and construction.

This Council spotlights best practices in TSM&O, and offers insight on marketing these TSM&O best practices for possible replication in member communities. The Council oversees the active participation of members in multiple projects and programs. Products and services are developed as necessary to advance the deployment of ITS and to improve operational efficiency of the multimodal roadway network. In addition, the Council manages activities associated with the development and marketing of information to assist those with responsibilities in the field of TSM&O. Transportation System Management and Operations is an emphasis area of the ITE International Board of Directors.

Twice monthly newsletters are also issued through the National Traffic Operations Coalition (NTOC), which discuss current issue related to Transportation Systems Management & Operations initiatives.


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A list of Council Executive Committee members can be found in the membership directory under ITE Council Executive Committee members. A list of Council members can be found under ITE Councils. Select the appropriate Council from the dropdown menu and click "Search".



For information on joining a committee listed below, contact the project leader, or if none listed, contact Doug Noble, ITE Staff Liaison, 202-785-0060 ext. 148.

  • Awards Committee
    Committee Chair: Carlos Ortiz

    Solicit nominations and select winners for the annual TSM&O Council awards program. Click here for the Transportation Systems Management & Operations Award.

  • Communications Committee
    Committee Chair: TBD

    Develop and distribute information on Transportation Systems Management & Operations to ITE members, decision-makers and the general public. Prepare TSM&O Council newsletter and TSM&O articles for ITE Journal.

  • Technical Programs Committee
    Committee Chair: John Lower, Iteris Inc.

    Develop TSM&O Council-sponsored session for ITE Annual Meetings and Technical Conferences, ITS World Congress and other conferences as requested. Review abstracts and papers submitted for presentation.

  • Standards Committee
    Committee Chair: Robert Rausch, TransCore, Duluth, GA, USA

    The committee oversees the development of ITS standards for which ITE is responsible, including the traffic management data dictionary, the transit communications ITS profiles, the advanced transportation controller, message sets for external traffic management center (TMC) communications and national Transportation communications for ITS protocol. Input from ITE members determine the needs for ITS standards and protocols.

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