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Simulation and Capacity Analysis User Group (SimCap)

Chair: Eric Tripi, GHD, Farmington Hills, MI, USA
Vice Chair: Christopher Melson, Louisiana Local Technical Assistance Program, Baton Rounge, LA, USA

About Us


The ITE Simulation and Capacity Analysis Committee (SimCap) was created to improve the application and understanding of traffic simulation and capacity analysis – and is open to all persons with interest or experience in these and related practice areas.

SimCap was founded in June 2006 under NCSITE as a technical users group within their local traffic engineering council. Since then, several SimCap chapters have formed. Some chapters have waned and have become inactive, while others continue to meet and foster strong dialogues within their local areas of activity. Currently, there are nine (9) active SimCap chapters across the United States and Canada and a Discussion Forum on the ITE e-community.

Mission Statement

SimCap is a volunteer network of professionals working across geographic and organizational boundaries to share information, experiences, and to disseminate, promote, and develop guidance and best practices in the application of traffic simulation and capacity analysis tools, methods, and related practice areas.


The main Goals of SimCap are to:

  1. Provide a forum for meaningful exchange of ideas, research, questions, and trends;
  2. Serve as a resource for practitioners and organizations by sharing experiences and developing guidance and best practices; and
  3. Advocate for consistency, reliability, and advances in the state-of-the-practice.


SimCap is a “grassroots” organization – in that the majority of activities are organized and conducted at the local chapter level. Currently, there are nine (9) active SimCap chapters (see map below). Each chapter is organized differently, tailored to best suit their local needs. However, the majority of chapters are associated with their local ITE section.

Get Involved! Contact your listed representative below to learn how to get involved in your local chapter. If you don’t have a local chapter, consider creating one! The attached kit provides helpful information on how to start a chapter. You may also contact Eric Tripi for further resources and assistance.

ITE San Diego Transportation and Mobility Task Force


Erik Ruehr (VRPA Technologies)
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SimCap Toronto


Matthew Davis (City of Toronto)

SimCap Louisiana


Christopher Melson (ODOT)
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NCITE Simulation and Capacity Analysis Committee


Kelsey Retherford (Bolton & Menk)

Sharijad Hasan (NDSU) 
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North Carolina
NCSITE SimCap User Group


Zachary Bugg (Kittelson and Associates)
Soheil Sajjadi (Arcadis)
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Oregon ITE SimCap Roundtable


Randy Johnson (DKS Associates)
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Virginia SimCap

Sanhita Lahiri (VDOT)
No active website

Washington DC
WDCSITE SimCap Committee


Alvaro Calle (VHB)

Seongah Hong (HNTB)

George Lu (HNTB)

ITE Wisconsin SimCap Users Group


Rob Beuthling (HNTB)
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The following calendar contains a comprehensive listing of upcoming SimCap-related events. It includes applicable: SimCap chapter meetings, research webinars/workshops, software training, and other informational, practitioner-led sessions.

NCSITE Simcap and Safety Joint User Group Meeting

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Sedgefield Country Club

3201 Forsyth Dr

Greensboro, NC 2740

Register here for the meeting.

If you would like an event included on the calendar, please contact Christopher Melson.


The following list of resources contain national and State DOT guidance documents, past and current SimCap-related research efforts, other technical resources, and a useful list of websites.

Please contact Eric Tripi if you have suggestions on materials to be added to this section.

Looking for advice? Consider joining the SimCap e-Community – where you can pose questions to fellow transportation professionals, gain insight through discussion, and access additional resources posted by members.

Guidance Documents

National Guidance

FHWA Traffic Analysis Toolbox

Other National Guidance

State DOT Guidance

SimCap Research Efforts

National Research

FHWA AMS Research Projects

Other National Research Projects

Other Technical Resources (By Topic Area)

Dynamic Traffic Assignment

Multiresolution Modeling

Useful Websites

National Partners
Software Vendors

Your Chance to Contribute

Consider contributing your time and talents to our profession by becoming involved in SimCap! If you want to get involved but are not sure how to do it, feel free to contact the chair, Eric Tripi. We have small but very important roles just waiting to be taken upon. The first step, if you haven’t already, is to join Simcap!

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