About ITE

Traffic Engineering Council

Chair: Chuck Huffine, Manatee County Public Works, Bradenton,FL, USA

Vice Chair: Anmol Shrivastava, Civitech Engineering Inc., Schaumburg, IL, USA

Vice Chair: Cynthia Peck, Chagrin Valley Engineering, LTD., Bedford,OH, USA                                             

Vice Chair: Christa Greene, Business Development Executive, LJB.Inc., Garner, NC, USA


Guiding Principle: We collaborate to share best practices in traffic engineering.

ITE Traffic Engineering Council

As ITE’s largest technical council, the Traffic Engineering Council is a community of professionals interested in the broad field of traffic engineering. You can get involved in a wide variety of activities through the Council to advance traffic engineering practices and the profession.

Through the ITE Community and a subscriber/member of the Traffic Engineering Council’s e-Community page, you can become active in your profession. On the Traffic Engineering Council e-Community site, you will find active discussions, which are a great resource to connect and collaborate with fellow council members. The discussions are technically-oriented, with council members seeking or sharing guidance on various topics. You can search past discussion postings and all attachments to these posts are automatically added to our Library; a great tool to find new content.

In addition to the wealth of information on our discussion forum, you will find on the Traffic Engineering ITE e-Community, our quarterly newsletters, articles published in ITE Journal, and information or presentations from sponsorship of seminars and technical sessions at ITE international, district, section, and chapter meetings.


Technical Projects

Specialty-area projects are one activity of the Traffic Engineering Council that can allow you to make a difference. Technical project committees are formed to tackle issues and topics in our practice and to develop products ranging from informational reports to recommended practices to standards related to the issue. The topical areas vary from LED signals to sidewalk guidelines to speed management. The committee chairs and members are all volunteers, with an interest in the topic and a desire to expand and enhance our profession’s understandings and practices of this topic. Each year, the council works to expand its projects in order to further our professional knowledge base and also to complement the implementation of the ITE Strategic Plan. To get involved contact the project chair or our volunteer coordinator.

TENC White Paper published September 2019: 

Coordination with District, Section, and Chapter Technical Activities

The Traffic Engineering Council has District Liaison positions to improve coordination and communication between the council, its Executive Committee, and the ITE districts, sections, and chapters. District Liaisons are provided information on council activities to share with local leadership and bring local requests to the committee. District Liaisons are provided presentation materials and are encouraged to attend and give presentations at local ITE district and section meetings to further disseminate the information and promote improved coordination and member participation in the activities of the council.

District Liaisons are expected to participate in local ITE District Board meetings and communicate with annual District meeting coordinators to provide support on presentations and updates on council activities.


Partnerships with Other Professional Associations

The Traffic Engineering Council is working to strengthen partnerships and coordination with other groups with similar interests, such as AASHTO, ITS America, and other professional organizations to increase the council’s involvement and influence in the areas of traffic engineering and operations.  Increased involvement and partnership in the areas of Connected / Autonomous Driving and the AASHTO Operations Center of Excellence are two areas of particular focus in the next few years.


Your Chance to Contribute

Consider contributing your time and talents to our profession by becoming involved in the Traffic Engineering Council! If you want to get involved but are not sure how to do it, feel free to contact the Traffic Engineering Council’s volunteer coordinator, Christa Greene. We have small but very important roles just waiting to be taken upon. The first step, if you haven’t already, is to join the Traffic Engineering Council!