Infrastructure Standard Security Implementation (ISSI)

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and their standards development partners, AASHTO and NEMA under the Infrastructure Standards Security Implementation project continue the implementation of the recommendations contained within the NTCIP 9014 NTCIP Infrastructure Standards Security Assessment (ISSA) informational report by updating NTCIP profiles and device standards to be based on SNMPv3.

ITS standards, including the NTCIP family of standards, are critically important to the deployment of ITS systems that are interoperable nationwide. The rapid evolution of ITS with the deployment of connected vehicle (CV) technologies and the need for heightened security on ITS infrastructure devices will drive changes to the NTCIP standards. Traditionally, NTCIP center-to-field (C2F) communications were based on Simple Network Management Protocol Version 1 (SNMPv1) which does not adequately address cybersecurity concerns. SNMPv3 was identified as a security solution as it was specifically designed to address security concerns of the previous versions of SNMP. Updating the NTCIP family of standards to incorporate SNMPv3 falls within scope of the Infrastructure Standards Security Implementation project.

ISSI Work Flow Chart: The Following published/current standards are highlighted below in bold and are linked directly below this diagram. 


Task No.

Standard/Document Name

Overall Status- Not Started/ Under Development / Published

Date Completed

Task 4

Outreach Materials

Not Started


Task 3

Publication of Updated Standards

Not Started


Task 2.4

Deprecate Targeted NTCIP Standards

Not Started


Task 2.3

Update Lower Priority Standards

Not Started


Task 2.2

Update NTCIP Device Standards

Under Development


Task 2.1

Update Foundational NTCIP Standards



Task 1

Project Management Plan (PMP) 







Period of Performance (POP)


7/1/2022 - 6/28/2024

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