Sub Task 2.1:Update Foundational NTCIP Standards

NTCIP 9014 identified the foundational NTCIP documents that are utilized by the more device specific NTCIP standards. These standards include documents that define the basis of technical solution for adding security, documents that define how SNMP security works and documents that contain the set of objects used by all device-specific Standards. Updating these foundational

documents will be performed to address the security issues identified by NTCIP 9014

informational report. The NTCIP Foundational Standards are listed below-

1. NTCIP 1201: Global Object (GO) Definitions, March 2011

2. NTCIP 2202: Internet (TCP/IP and UDP/IP) Transport Profile, December 2001

3. NTCIP 2301: Simple Transportation Management Framework (STMF) Application Profile  

    (AP) (AP-STMF), July 2010.

4. NTCIP 8007: Testing and Conformity Assessment Documentation within NTCIP Standards

    Publications, May 2008.



proposed-UCD for NTCIP 1201

proposed -UCD for NTCIP 2202

proposed -UCD for NTCIP 2301

proposed -UCD for NTCIP 8007

• proposed -UCD for NTCIP Security Guide (In Progress)