Sub-Task 2.3: Update Lower Priority Standards

NTCIP 9014 identified a number of lower priority standards to update. These lower priority standards will be updated in accordance with the guidance provided in NTCIP 9014.

The relevant standards are listed below-


1. NTCIP 2103: Communications profile for the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), which is used for dial-up

    connections and to connect serial devices to Ethernet backbones.

2. NTCIP 2104: Communications profile for Ethernet.

3. NTCIP 9001: Provides an overview of NTCIP, advice on how to procure NTCIP, guidance on how to

    implement NTCIP, and advice on testing NTCIP.

4. NTCIP 9012: Provides guidance on how to test NTCIP systems.