90th Anniversary

Celebrating the Past

In 2020, ITE will be celebrating 90 years of service to the transportation profession! ITE has seen a lot of changes - from both the profession and industry standpoint as well as an organization. 

Over the next 12 months, take a look back at where ITE has been. Read about the history of ITE and who its founders were, learn about our honorary members and past presidents, and peruse the Pioneers of Transportation

Throughout the year, ITE Journal will profile a different District and the history of its role in ITE and showcase a time capsule from a different decade of transportation. 

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Shaping the Future

Learn more about the $90 for 90 Campaign

Donate to the $90 for 90 Campaign

To recognize our 90th anniversary, ITE is launching a fund-raising campaign designed to enhance the reach of the ITE Legacy Program and its work in support of students and younger members.  Members can donate to the ITE Legacy Program General Fund supporting a broad range of activities such as LeadershipITE, Student Leadership Summits, Mentoring, STEM, etc. or direct their giving to ITE’s newest effort, the Diversity Scholars Program supporting first generation college students from diverse backgrounds.

As we look ahead what's coming next, it is critical that the next generation - and the generations to come - are prepared to tackle transportation's biggest challenges and to ensure a rich quality of life for all users throughout communities. 

Making a Difference

We express our deepest appreciation to the ITE members who have contributed to our Legacy Fund and $90 for 90 Campaign.


Campaign Contributors



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