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90 Years of Making History: Facts about ITE

In celebration of its 90th anniversary, the ITE Staff and International Board of Direction have pulled together these interesting facts about ITE:

  1. In October of 1930, leaders gathered in what city to begin what is today called ITE?

    Answer: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

  2. What organization did ITE partner with in 1940 to become what is the Joint Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices?

    Answer: AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Professionals)

  3. Who was known as transportation engineering’s man of many seasons and possibly the first individual in the United States to have the title traffic engineer? 

    Answer: Guy Kelcey 

  4. In the 90-year history of ITE, how many ITE International Presidents have come from Canada?

    Answer: Four. Bruce Belmore 2019, Alf Guebert 2008, Al Swanson 1988, and Leo Laviolette, 1982

  5. When was the first yellow/change interval equation published by ITE?

    Answer: In the First Edition of the Traffic Engineering Handbook, 1941

  6. When was the first edition of Trip Generation published?

    Answer: 1976

  7. Name the three female ITE Honorary Members.

    Answer: Willa Mylroie, Ann Hansen, and Marsha Anderson Bomar

  8. Which ITE District meeting was the first meeting where all presidents were women? 

    Answer: 2016 in Kelowna, Canada (Paula Flores, Jen Malzer, Amanda Watson, Karen Reimann)

  9. Who was the first female member of ITE?

    Answer: Ethlyn Ann Hansen (Joined November 10, 1958)

  10. How many land uses were in the first edition of Trip Generation?

    Answer: 50

  11. How many Honorary Members does ITE have?

    Answer: 84

  12. Which District is home to more student chapters than Sections, 5.5 time zones, and an annual east versus west street hockey tournament?  

    Answer: Canadian District

  13. Which District first formed as a Section in 1951?

    Answer: Canadian District

  14. Who was the first person to suggest that ITE change their name to the Institute of Transportation Professionals, and in what year did he/she make that suggestion?

    Answer: Burton W. Marsh, 1934

  15. How many founders of ITE were there?

    Answer: 19

  16. The first organizational meeting of ITE, and the ITE Annual Meetings in 1931 through 1944 were held in conjunction with what other organization?

    Answer: National Safety Council

  17. Two ITE Past Presidents have held citizenship in more than one country. Name both of them.

    Answer: Al Swanson; Nazir Lalani

  18. In how many countries does ITE have members?

    Answer: 90

  19. Name the ITE member who held the status of Honorary Member for longer than any other individual.

    Answer: Burton W. Marsh; 32 years and 3 months

  20. What were the two previous names of ITE Journal?

    Answer: Traffic Engineering, Transportation Engineering

  21. Which ITE Annual Meeting was the best attended (location and year)?

    Answer: Las Vegas, 1999

  22. What consulting firm has more members of ITE than any other?

    Answer: Kimley Horn (184 members)

  23. Who was the first person to be recognized as an Honorary Member?

    Answer: William Phelps Eno

  24. Name the first Honorary Member from outside the United States.

    Answer: Cesare Solari

  25. Seven Past Presidents have been recognized with all three of the following: Honorary Membership; Burton W. Marsh Award; and Theodore M. Matson Award. Which Past Presidents have been so honored?

    Answer: Burton W. Marsh, Wilbur S. Smith, Carlton C. Robinson, Williams R. McGrath, Harold L. Michael, James L. Pline, Marsha Anderson Bomar

  26. Name the Head of State who addressed an ITE Annual Meeting.

    Answer: Jose Lopez Portillo, President of Mexico

  27. Of the currently living Past Presidents, who served in the earliest year, and what year was that?

    Answer: Larry Dondanville, 1974

  28. Which Past President holds the record for the number of times they were a candidate for International Vice-President?

    Answer: Alan Gonseth – 4 times

  29. There are at least four Past Presidents who earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Name at least of them.

    Answer: Hibbett Neel, John Edwards, Steve Hofener, Jonathan Upchurch

  30. Name an ITE member who served for 12 years on the ITE International Board of Direction

    Answer: Harold Hammond

  31. Name the first recipient of the Past President’s Award.

    Answer: Carlton C. Robinson

  32. Name three people who served both on the ITE Staff and as International President of ITE.

    Answer: Burton W. Marsh, David Baldwin, Jonathan Upchurch

  33. Name the youngest ITE International President (at the time he/she served).

    Answer: Grant Mickle (age 33)

  34. Where did ITE celebrate its 75th Anniversary?

    Answer: The Army Navy Club in Washington, DC, USA

  35. Which ITE Honorary Member adapted the first traffic signal, which originally appeared in London in 1866, for the U.S. and filed a patent in 1932?

    Answer: Garrett A. Morgan (awarded posthumously in 1998)

  36. What year did ITE’s magazine change its name from Traffic Engineering to Transportation Engineering?

    Answer: 1977 (June issue)

  37. How many of ITE’s 19 Founding Members are Honorary Members?

    Answer: Five (Ernest P. Goodrich, Arthur N. Johnson, Guy Kelcey, Burton W. Marsh, Hawley S. Simpson

  38. How many Honorary Members come from District 8 (Global District)?

    Answer: Seven (Cesare Solari, Italy; Edward V. “Ted” Barton, Australia; Bert Beukers, Netherlands; Max G. Shifron, Israel; Rafael Cal y Mayor, Mexico; Andrew P. O’Brien, Australia; Peter T. McCombs, New Zealand

  39. During which quarter of the 20th century did transportation engineering begin to evolve as a profession?

    Answer: 1st quarter of the 20th century.

  40. What year did the first Traffic Bowl take place?

    Answer: 2010

  41. What year and where was the first Annual Meeting located?

    Answer: 1931 in New York, NY

  42. Who was the first member of ITE?

    Answer: Ernest Goodrich

  43. How much was the subscription fee for the ITE Journal in its first year (May 1931)?

    Answer: Subscription was two dollars a year and single copies were twenty-five cents

  44. Name the past three coordinating Council Chairs.

    Answer: Jason Crawford, Russell Brownlee, and Beverly Kuhn

  45. How many staff positions currently exist at the ITE office?

    Answer: 24