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ITE is one of five standards development organizations designated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) to develop ITS standards under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. DOT. 

The following table provides a list of the ITS Standards that are being developed by ITE as part of the ITS Standards Program. The ITE M&O/ITS Council is responsible for the development and maintenance of these standards.

Please use the Web site links to access the status and latest copies of these standards. You may also access no cost copies of standards from these pages.

GRITS Spring Workshop 2014

NTCIP 1211 v02

NTCIP 1205 v01 Amendment 1

NTCIP 1207 v02

NTCIP 1211 V02

NTCIP 1203V03

NTCIP 1201V03

NTCIP 1203V02

NTCIP 1209V02

NTCIP 1210V01

Archived ATC Controller (ATC 2070)

No Cost Copies of Standards

ITE is pleased to announce that no-cost copies of the NTCIP standards are now available. 

ITS Standards Registrantsí List

The ITE Procedures for Developing Equipment Standards, Software and Protocol Standards, and Recommended Practices provides for Registrantsí Lists of interested parties for each ITE standards project. Members of each Registrantsí List will receive periodic updates and calls for comments on draft standards. Comments from the members of the Registrantsí List will assist the Standards Developing Organizations and committees in producing standards that meet the requirements of all interested parties. Each Registrantsí List will be updated annually.

The three available lists are listed below. Please contact Siva Narla,, with your contact information to join.

  • Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC)
    (ATC software development guidelines, ATC API and data module definitions, ATC
    functionality and interface definitions, and ATC ITS equipment descriptions)
  • Advanced Traffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD) and Message Set for
    External Traffic Management Center Communications (MS/ETMCC)

    (ITS traffic management data dictionary and message sets)
  • LED Traffic Signals
    (Purchase specifications for signals, arrows and pedestrians)

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