ITS Standards

ITE is one of five standards development organizations designated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) to develop ITS standards under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. DOT. 

The following table provides a list of the ITS Standards that are being developed by ITE as part of the ITS Standards Program. The ITE M&O/ITS Council is responsible for the development and maintenance of these standards.

Please use the Web site links to access the status and latest copies of these standards. You may also access no cost copies of standards from these pages.

Notice of Intent to Adopt Intelligent Transportation Systems Standard NTCIP 1204 v04 Environmental Sensor Station (ESS) Interface Protocol
ITE intends to adopt NTCIP 1204 v04 as an ITE standard by COB on November 27, 2017 unless an appeal is received.

LADOTD and GRITS Spring Workshop 2014

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