Standards for Traffic Management Center to Center Communications
Volume I:  Concept of Operations and Requirements

This publication provides the foundation of the center-to-center (C2C) concept of operations and requirements for advanced traffic management systems (ATMS). It should be noted that ATMS is a very complex system and there are many other standards that are necessary for development and C2C operations. This document, however addresses the most fundamental elements of an ATMS. 

This document is intended for primarily the following:

  • Transportation operations managers;
  • Transportation operations personnel;
  • Transportation engineers;
  • Transportation management procurement officers;
  • System integrators; and
  • Device manufacturers.

C2C communications can be used to:

  • Provide event information to other centers;
  • Provide traffic and travel data to other centers;
  • Help coordinate operations within the defined C2C network; and
  • Provide remote control of traffic control devices.

The C2C environment is operationally diverse. All of the systems that exchange information do not serve the same functions but do use the base Traffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD) data exchanged among centers. Even systems with the same functions may not operate identically. This diversity requires both a flexible approach to the required content in each data exchange and a rigorous definition of the data being exchanged. 

The C2C environment is sparsely deployed. There have been few large integrated regional deployments, so operational experience is available only from a few sites. The time to fully deploy a regional or statewide system may be lengthy, covering 5 years or more. The overall approach to standards needs to support the replacement of nearly all C2C software over time.

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