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Traffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD) and Message Sets for External Traffic Management Center Communications (MS/ETMCC)

The Traffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD) Standards were developed to support center-to-center communications as part of the regional deployment of ITS in order for centers to cooperate in the management of a corridor, arterial, incident mitigation, event management, etc. Hence the TMDD provides the dialogs, message sets, data frames, and data elements to manage the shared use of these devices and the regional sharing of data and incident management responsibility. As a result, the TMDD standards often reference elements of the NTCIP standards, but deal with the devices at a higher level of abstraction.

Version 3 represents a significant upgrade from Version 2.1 and includes a Concept-of-Operation and Requirements which allow an agency to identify their center-to-center needs and requirements, and use the tables to select the appropriate dialogs and messages for the exchanges between centers. The focus on the TMDD (Traffic Management Data Dictionary) standard is exchanges that support shared use of ITS devices (e.g. Dynamic Message Signs, Traffic Controllers), sharing of roadway network status (e.g. traffic conditions), and shared management and monitoring of various types of traffic incidents/events. The standard is available in 2 volumes: Volume 1 contains the Concept-of-Operations and Functional Requirements, while Volume 2 contains the Dialogs and Message content. In addition to the printed documents, the design content is also available in zip files as XML and WSDL and as XMLSpy output in HTML format (Reference the elements in Step No. 14). The TMDD guide will be updated within the next few months.


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