Next Generation TMDD

The Traffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD) Standards were developed to support center-to-center communications as part of the regional deployment of ITS in order for centers to cooperate in the management of a corridor, arterial, incident mitigation, event management, etc. Hence the TMDD provides the dialogs, message sets, data frames, and data elements to manage the shared use of these devices and the regional sharing of data and incident management responsibility. As a result, the TMDD standards often reference elements of the NTCIP standards, but deal with the devices at a higher level of abstraction.

The NG TMDD project is proposed to replace the current TMDD (TMDD v3.1), which is a mature standard, but evolve to address new and emerging operational needs and industry trends and technologies. The most notable of these trends is the emergence and role of private non-infrastructure owner/operators that collect and manage real-time transportation data. The need to share more granular data using a Systems to Systems approach to support multiple entities to achieve common operational goals must be addressed. For instance the need for high precision position information by current and future real-time maps  require locational accuracy where lane-specific details about an event or device are required.

Additionally the next gen TMDD standard will also add features which include aligning with the Traffic Incident Management (TIM) model, the ability to define the complexity of work zone data, the ability to exchange discrete microscopic data at the unit vehicle level and finally to handle data from mobile sources (such as roadway weather data from snowplows), probe data, mobile/portable dynamic message signs, or connected vehicles.

ng TMDD Steering Committee 

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  Final ng TMDD Standard Not Started   
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  Draft System Design Details (SDD) Under Development  
ng TMDD v0.1.1 SRS Walkthrough Comment Resolution Report Published 1/19/2024
ng TMDD v0.1 Final SRS Published 1/19/2024
  SRS Walkthrough Plan Published 9/4/2023
ng TMDD v0.1 Draft System Requirement Specification (SRS) Published 8/31/2023
ng TMDD v0.1 Final ConOps Published 5/31/2023
  ConOps Walkthrough Comment Resolution Report Published 5/31/2023
  ConOps Walkthrough Plan Published 3/7/2023
ng TMDD v0.1 Draft Concept of Operations (ConOps)  Published 3/22/2023
  System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) Published 8/16/2022
  Project Management Plan (PMP) Published 9/15/2022


Published 3/10/2024
  Period of Performance (POP)   6/21/2022 - 6/20/2025