Connected Work Zone Implementation Guidance Standardization (CWZ Standard) 

Work zone safety is of utmost concern to transportation agencies. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2020, there were 857 fatalities and an estimated 102,000 work zone crashes in the United States. There have been numerous Connected Vehicle (CV) research projects, deployments and standards developed to support work zone safety. However, there have been inconsistencies with the interpretations and implementation of the existing standards, and with the use and expectations of the data exchanged between the infrastructure devices (e.g., mobile dynamic message signs) and CV devices. These include  the roadside units (RSUs) and on-board units (OBUs) on vehicles.  There are also inconsistencies between deployments, such as usage of different data and data formats across interfaces, and security requirements.  Another discovery was that most infrastructure owner operators (IOOs) do not have the manpower or technical knowledge to properly deploy and operate these CV-enabled work zones. These deployment issues highlight a need for an industry standard that enables national interoperability and provides guidance to IOOs on how to deploy, operate and maintain the CV-enabling devices.


USDOT is sponsoring the Connected Work Zones Standard Implementation (CWZ Standard) to develop, publish, verify, and validate a Connected Work Zone (CWZ) Standard that defines the data elements, capabilities, and interfaces a connected work zone must support to ensure interoperability for state/local infrastructure owner/operators (IOO) and vehicle operators. A connected work zone is defined as a set of technologies that generates or collects work zone information (whether automatically or manually) as well as the infrastructure that broadcasts/distributes this information to the public and to vehicles.


Project Objective 

The primary objective of this project is to publish a non-proprietary, industry-based consensus standard that defines the key data elements, capabilities, and interfaces for a CWZ Standard, utilizing the USDOT-chartered WZDx Specification version 4.1 as a starting point, if available, otherwise we shall follow version 4.0.


The CWZ Standard will:

  • address ambiguities and gaps identified by early deployers, and consolidate multiple independent implementation and standards efforts, to lead to the interoperability of future CWZ deployments across the United States; and
  • be published as a Connected Transportation Interoperability (CTI) document.


The outputs of this project may include implementation guides, validation reports, reference implementations, presentations, and recommendations to other referenced standards, to support the developed CWZ Standard as determined by a consensus process.

Here is the link to access the Microsoft Team: WG - Connected Work Zones Stnd

To join this project as a stakeholder, send an email to subject line: CWZ project

System Design Details (SDD) Documents Review (Due by September 17, 2023)

The review period has started for the CWZ Standards’ System Design Detail (SDD), SDD Walkthrough Plan and System Requirement Specification (SRS) Comment Resolution Report (TOPR # 693JJ322F00209N Deliverables, USDOT Contract# 693JJ321D000005).

System Design Detail (SDD)_Draft_v00.08.pdf

SDD Walkthrough Plan_Draft_v01-230824.pdf

System Requirement Specification (SRS) Comment Resolution Report-Draft_v01-230824.pdf

Please review the documents and provide your comments/suggestions at your convenience, we are looking forward to receiving your response before the design walkthrough (by September 17, 2023).

Version No.


Standard/Document Name

Overall Status - Not Started / Under Development / Published / Superseded Version

Date Completed

    Presentation on CWZ Reference Implementation Not Started   
    Documentation on CWZ Reference Implementation Not Started   
    Open Source CWZ Reference Implementation Not Started   
    Updated CWZ Standard and Implementation Guidance  Not Started   
    CWZ Validation Report  Not Started   
    CWZ Standard MIB and/or ASN.1 Not Started   
    Final CWZ Standard Not Started   
    Recommended Connected Work Zone (CWZ) Standard Not Started   
    SDD Walkthrough Comment Resolution Report Not Started   
    SDD Walkthrough Plan Under Development  
    Draft System Design Details (SDD) Under Development   
    SRS Walkthrough Comment Resolution Report  Under Development  
    SRS Walkthrough Plan Published  5/23/2023
CWZ v00.03   Draft System Requirement Specification (SRS)  Published  5/30/2023
    ConOps Walkthrough Comment Resolution Report  Published 5/28/2023
    ConOps Walkthrough Plan Published  2/9/2023
CWZ v00.01   Draft Concept of Operations (ConOps)  Published 2/22/2023
    System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) Published  9/9/2022


  Project Management Plan (PMP)



    Schedule Published 1/11/2023
    Period of Performance (POP)   8/22/22-8/21/24