ATC 5202 Model 2070 Controller Standard RESCINDED

Users of this standard should be warned that this standard is rescinded and that there is no longer any version of this standard that is recommended for use.

The Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) Standards are intended to provide an open architecture hardware and software platform that can support a wide variety of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications including traffic management, safety, security and other applications. The ATC Standards are being developed and maintained under the direction of the ATC Joint Committee (JC) which is made up of representatives from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

In the early 1990s, the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) began a project to develop a specification for a Model 2070 traffic controller as a replacement for the Model 170 controller series. This work had matured enough so that the ATC JC elected to include the Model 2070 controller in the ATC family of standards. Portions of the Caltrans Transportation Electrical Equipment Specifications (TEES) 1999 plus errata that applied to the Model 2070 controller were generalized into the national standard ATC 2070 v01.05. This standard was an official standard of the ATC JC but it is now out of date and not recommended for new designs. The term “Type 2070” that was used in earlier versions of the standard has been replaced with the term “Model 2070” to be consistent with the Caltrans TEES and to mitigate confusion with the Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) Standard. The new official name of this standard is now “Model 2070 Controller Standard Version 3.” It has a document identifier of “ATC 5202” which reflects its publication by the ATC Joint Committee and document number within the family of standards.

The Model 2070 Controller Standard Version 3 represents the latest and most widely used Model 2070 elements. In an effort to maintain harmony with the Caltrans specifications and consistency in deployments nationally, sections of this standard and detailed drawings have been extracted directly from the Caltrans TEES 2009 plus published errata. Some editorial, formatting changes, and section numbering have been made as deemed appropriate by the ATC Controller WG.

Other standards within the ATC program include the Model 2070 Standard, the ATC API, and the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Cabinet Standard.