Connected Vehicle

Sponsored by the US Department of Transportation Research and Innovative Technology Administration

Work Plan

The Connected Vehicle initiative is in transition and a new work plan is being developed. The major areas of research are described below.

Work Plan Overview
The Connected Vehicle (formerly VII) research program is intended to accelerate the development and market adoption of Connected Vehicle capabilities. Research activities focus on the following areas:

  • Technology scanning and research to identify and study a wide range of potential technology solutions that could support Connected Vehicle goals;
  • Research, demonstration, and evaluation of technology-enabled safety applications;
  • Establishment of test beds to support operational tests and demonstrations for public and private sector use;
  • Development of architecture and standards to provide an open platform for wireless communications to and from the vehicle;
  • Study of non-technical issues such as privacy, liability and application of regulation; and
  • Research on benefits to mobility and the environment.

The research program is intended to support developments that could be deployed rapidly and evolve over time with technology improvements, while also establishing the foundations necessary for national interoperability.

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