Industry Council

The ITE Industry Council provides ITE with the opportunity to build closer working relationships and to increase collaboration with industry solution providers.

The goals of the Industry Council are to:

  • Advise ITE Leadership on how it can better support the needs of solution providers and in turn better meet the needs of its members.
  • Partner with ITE on better educating public sector and consulting members on existing, new, and emerging solutions to allow them to make better informed regulatory, management, and purchase decisions and maximize the benefit from the products and services that they receive.
  • Support ITE efforts to develop the next generation of transportation professionals.

The Industry Council is organization- and fee-based. Participation is at the corporate level with a focus on engaging senior management. The annual membership fee is $2,500, which includes ITE membership fees for the principal representative and an alternate. This fee will be used to support the goals of the Industry Council following a plan of action developed by the Industry Council Executive Committee.

Abbas Mohaddes, President and COO, Econolite is serving as the first chair of the Industry Council and an ex-officio member of the ITE Board of Direction.

All industry solution providers from all sectors of the transportation space including traffic management and control products, information providers, and new mobility companies are encouraged to join the Industry Council.








For more information, contact Pam Goodell, ITE’s Senior Marketing Director.