Employer Councils

ITE recognizes the importance of connecting with the organizations that the majority of our members work for—public agencies, industry, consultants—so that we can be in tune with the needs of these organizations as well as our individual members.

During 2020, ITE transitioned to an organization-based model for its Industry, Consultants, and Public Agency Councils.

The objective of these councils is to provide the private sector, consultancies, and public agencies with the opportunity to provide input on ITE’s programming and policies while also demonstrating their commitment to and leadership in the transportation industry.

These employer councils are independent but interconnected groups that serve to broaden and strengthen the bonds, engage senior leadership, and help the profession prepare for the future. Each council will have its own executive committee populated by senior level representatives from member organizations and representation on the ITE Board of Direction as well as opportunities to collaborate with the other councils. In addition, each council will have exclusive benefits for their member organizations.


ITE Consultants Council

Chair: Gene Chartier, P. Eng.                                                       

Vice Chair:  Hardik Shah, P.E.

Immediate Past Chair:   Amir Rizavi, P.E.

Members of the Consultants Council are part of a supportive and collaborative environment that include small, medium, and large organizations. Participation in the Consultants Council serves as a springboard toward leadership at the corporate level and offers a wealth of networking opportunities with peers to share insights and experiences. ITE looks to the Consultants Council, along with the Industry and Public Agency Councils, regularly to spearhead dialogue on emerging trends and key issues as well as provide input on organizational needs such as identifying a keynote speaker for the ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibition or facilitating presentations in other venues. While the Consultants Council will identify specific activities or products to develop or offer, it may also join with one or both of the other councils to create programs, products, and services that provide value to ITE members and other transportation professionals.

Consultants Council Directory

How to Join: Click Here

Dues: The annual fee to join the ITE Consultants Council is 100% re-invested to support the Council’s products and services. The annual fee is tiered to provide access to firms of all sizes.  (Pay online dues)  PDF of dues form

Membership Tiers and Annual Fees:

  • Sole Proprietorship — $100
  • 2-50 employees — $250
  • 51-250 employees — $500
  • 251 and over employees — $1,000

Member firms receive an array of benefits, including:

  • Recognition as a leader among transportation consulting firms through all ITE communication channels;
  • Ability to influence the development of new ITE programs, products, and services as well as initiatives in the transportation industry;
  • Connection with other Councils on projects or activities of common interest;
  • Collaboration and mentoring with companies of all sizes and varying resources
  • Member-only networking and peer exchange through ITE’s e-Community;
  • Discounts on access to ITE services such as job postings through the ITE Career Center
  • Being recognized as a consultant performing Traffic Impact Analysis Studies (if applicable)  


  • Companies who join the Consultants Council select a representative serve on the Council which meets at least six times a year by Teams to discuss Council initiatives and share information on industry issues.
  • Through the Consultants Council e-Community, all ITE members who are part of the member company are automatically added to the e-community to receive regular communications and newsletters from the Council.
  • Employees of the member companies have the opportunity to serve on various committees and task forces throughout the year as projects and initiatives come up.

Activities and Resources


ITE Industry Council



Chair: Daniel Shihundu, P.Eng., CEO, Transoft Solutions

Vice Chair: Trisha Tunilla, Executive Vice President, Q-Free

We use industry expertise to educate members on emerging technologies and traffic management solutions.

The primary objective of the ITE Industry Council is to educate the public sector and transportation consultancies on existing, new and emerging solutions to help these entities make more informed regulatory, management and purchase decisions. The ITE Industry Council will serve as a sounding board for the ITE Board of Direction on the strategic direction of ITE and working with ITE staff, identify and develop products and services of benefit to its member firms.

Industry Council Directory

How to Join: Contact Pam Goodell

Activities and Resources: ITE Technical Brief: The Impacts of Working from Home on Transportation Organizations and Employees


ITE Public Agency Council

Chair:  Karyn Robles, AICP, Chief of Planning, Illinois Tollway

We explore and share key issues and emerging trends in transportation that affect public agencies in a collaborative forum.

The ITE Public Agency Council serves as a sounding board for the ITE Board of Direction on the strategic direction of ITE, provides a forum for collaboration among members from the public sector, and, working with ITE staff, identify and develop products and services of benefit to public agency members.

All public agency members are encouraged to participate in the Public Agency Council and will benefit through:

  • Member-only networking opportunities through ITE’s e-community,
  • Discounted or free educational opportunities on new industry products and services,
  • Influence over new products specific to public sector agency needs

Organizations with a Public Agency Organizational Membership receive additional benefits, including:

  • Recognition as a  public sector leader through all ITE Communication channels at and the ITE Annual Meeting,
  • Opportunity to serve with peer leaders on the Public Agency Executive Committee,
  • Access to ITE Board Members and input on new ITE programs, products and services,

How to Join: Join by going to the ITE Public Agency Council e-Community.