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Below is a directory of Industry Council members. 

The Industry Council is organization- and fee-based. Participation is at the corporate level with a focus on engaging senior management. The annual membership fee is $2,500, which includes ITE membership fees for the principal representative and an alternate. This fee will be used to support the goals of the Industry Council following a plan of action developed by the Industry Council Executive Committee.

Daniel Shinhundu, President, Transoft Solutions is serving as the current chair of the Industry Council.

All industry solution providers from all sectors of the transportation space including traffic management and control products, information providers, and new mobility companies are encouraged to join the Industry Council.

For more information, contact Pam Goodell, ITE’s Senior Marketing Director.



Throughout the world of transportation, you can find 3M. We play an innovative role in more efficiently building safer, comfortable, attractive, durable and environmentally responsible modes of transportation - whether you're catching a train or flying at 35,000 feet. From surface protection to sealants, acoustic to weight management - even areas of conductivity and impact. At 3M, we're always exploring new ways to help manufacturers, transporters and travelers, achieve their goals - from designs, to daily operations and destinations.


Eberle Design

Eberle Design, Inc., based in Phoenix, Arizona ­– is a global market leading manufacturer of mission critical intersection safety monitoring, vehicle detection and peripheral electronics for the traffic control, parking/access, emergency response and rail markets. Products include infrastructure control components that allow transportation and parking/access control professionals to integrate, automate and manage intersections, roads and access points easily, efficiently and safely. Eberle Design has more than five (5) million operational devices deployed worldwide to enhance motorist and pedestrian safety. Eberle Design is ISO 9001:2015 Registered, celebrating 40 years of excellence in the traffic industry. EDI-Quality Products Saving Lives®


Marketing Contact:Dr. John E Shearer           


In business since 1933, and headquartered in Anaheim, CA, the Econolite company includes its product group, Econolite Control Products, Inc. and Econolite Canada, it’s services group, Econolite Systems, Inc. (ESI), and world-class consulting expertise in Connected and Automated Vehicles provided by CAVita.

Econolite’s Intelligent Transportation System solutions ease traffic congestion, provide safer mobility, and improve quality of life. As the one-stop-shop leader for traffic management solutions, our broad offerings range from policy, area-wide traffic management systems planning, integration and design, to field services, operations, and ITS technologies, including system software, sensors, traffic controllers, cabinets, and more.

Econolite’s renowned Centracs traffic management system software is the most deployed system in North America with over 314 systems installed. In addition, we provide field installation and support services throughout the U.S. Econolite is committed to the advancement of connected and automated vehicles, smart cities and communities, and cybersecurity. For more information, visit us at


Marketing Contact:
Persephone Oliver


Founded in 2005, INRIX is the global leader in connected car services and transportation analytics. INRIX’s core capability is the collection, processing, and fusion of multiple sources of traffic and location data. Specifically, the company is a pioneer of the use of Floating Car Data (FCD) and today has created the single largest, global network of GPS probe data. The integration of a variety of sources is key to data quality, as no single data source type can provide the accuracy, driving profile, coverage, or scalability that is required in the market today. INRIX aggregates its own sources of GPS probe data with many additional data sources from different fleets, automotive customers, smartphone providers, and application developers.

INRIX is the only US-based company in the industry with real-time, historical speed/travel time data and associated analytics tools specifically developed for public transportation agencies as the core business. Providing travel time, incidents, trip-paths (O/D), analytics, and complimentary services for public agencies is INRIX’s core focus.

Transportation agencies utilize INRIX data and insights for Traffic Management Centers to manage the day-to-day flow of people and vehicles. Planning departments also leverage INRIX data and tools to better understand the limits and bottlenecks of overall roadway networks, calibrate models, and plan for future urban mobility and growth. INRIX real-time, historical, and predictive data services are used by our public sector clients for: travel times on DMS/511, operations/system monitoring, work zone monitoring, incident detection/queue monitoring, congestion alerts, traffic tile overlays on webpages, routing, performance measures, Origin-Destination studies, freight transport analytics, drive testing replacement, planning, modeling, etc.

INRIX has proven experience in real-time, historical traffic data and analytics throughout the United States and around the world.


Marketing Contact:
Ted Trepanier


Iteris, Inc. is the leader in leveraging cloud technologies to help transportation operate more safely, efficiently and sustainably. The ClearMobility™ Platform is the most complete solution for continuously monitoring, visualizing and optimizing mobility infrastructure to make transportation safer, more sustainable and more efficient. The ClearMobility Platform comprises cloud-based software, sensor hardware and consulting services that, working together, enable mobility infrastructure to be monitored and operated in the cloud with more precise signal timing, better emergency vehicle prioritization, fewer crashes and injuries, and reduced labor costs.


Marketing Contact:
Mark Nogaki


McCain, Inc. creates Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS) and traffic control equipment to promote safer, more mobile and livable communities. McCain’s innovative solutions are paving the way to the future by creating the next generation of smart city solutions and helping to prepare the infrastructure for connected and autonomous vehicles.

Millions of times a day people come in contact with a McCain product. Whether a single traffic signal or the system running a city’s entire traffic network, you have more than likely experienced a McCain product.

The secret to our success is an unrelenting dedication to provide the best products and service the industry has to offer. We are a vertically-integrated company with over three decades of expertise, making us uniquely positioned to provide long lasting solutions and support for our customers.

Team McCain is comprised of a variety of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Designers, thinkers, and creators all operate as a cohesive team where any one and every one, no matter the role or experience level, are encouraged to collaborate and execute on a good idea. This exceptional blend of perspectives is what makes our products as dynamic as we are.

In 2016, McCain became part of the SWARCO group, joining forces with more than 80 member companies across the globe. Together, these companies keep traffic in motion and support the growing mobility needs of society through a complete range of road marking and traffic management products, services and solutions.

As part of the SWARCO group, McCain has direct access to SWARCO’s vast global network of intelligent transportation solutions and the brilliant minds behind them. So when you partner with McCain you can trust that whatever your transportation goals are, we have the team and network in place to provide a comprehensive and lasting solution.

McCain Marketing
Valerie Hofstetter



Miovision’s mission is to provide the foundation for tomorrow’s smart cities by reinventing the way traffic networks are managed today. For the past 12 years, Miovision’s innovations in traffic signal planning and operations have made it possible for cities to improve the transportation experience for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Moving forward, our existing products will help us build on that expertise to provide cities around the world with the infrastructure they need to achieve their smart city visions. Miovision serves over 17,000 municipalities worldwide. For more information, visit


Marketing Contact:
Jay Barrett

PTV Group

PTV Group is the industry-leading software and services provider of Mobility Planning Platforms, which allow more than 700 clients in North America to analyze, plan and operate movements of people and goods, resulting in more sustainable, efficient and safer transportation for their communities. PTV tools provide insight on the impact of connected, autonomous, shared and electric mobility, as well as on guidance for policy decisions and financial planning.

In the transportation field, cities, companies, universities, research institutes and individuals use PTV tools for transportation planning, network modeling and simulation across all modes of transportation. Our world-class tools include:

  • PTV Vissim: a microsimulation tool widely used for multi-modal transportation studies, autonomous vehicle planning, event mobility planning and pedestrian flow analysis.
  • PTV Vistro: a high-level planning tool that implements the CCG and HCM methodologies for multimodal transportation impact analysis, signal timing optimization and for alternative scenario analysis.
  • PTV Visum: a multimodal travel demand platform to perform regional planning, conduct mesoscopic and macroscopic studies and serves as a data repository for travel and network data from multiple sources. It is also used for strategic public transit and MoD planning.
  • PTV Optima: a transportation systems management and operations (TSM&O) solution to make efficient use of existing infrastructure, provide real-time traffic management, forecast the short-term traffic operations and patterns, to comprehend short-term circulation impacts of planned and unplanned events and to provide decision support.

In the logistics field, our portfolio ranges from software to schedule transportation routes and trips to distribution planning and fleet management, including truck navigation and parking. A special online service provides real-time transparency during the transportation and across the entire supply chain.

The PTV solutions together form the Urban Mobility Platform- bringing technologies together to create safe, sustainable and transportation efficient communities.

We are a proud supporter of ITE.


Marketing Contact:
Arjan van Andel


Ths world around is rapidly changing. For Q-Free to continue to thrive as a technology leader and as a disruptor in many new areas for the next decades, we need to look ahead, understand the trends and markets that will shape the ITS business in the future and be prepared for what is to come. Q-Free aspires to be ready today for tomorrow and our vision reflects that. It creates a long-term aim for our business and provides us with a solid roadmap for our employees, partners, and customers.


StreetLight Data

We combine our vast location data resources with industry knowledge to shed light on transportation behavior – and make it available to decision makers and practitioners so they can make transportation better and drive positive change.

From helping reduce CO2 emissions, to improving equitable transportation access, to managing New Mobility and reducing traffic fatalities, our metrics help inform and manage transportation’s most complex challenges, while setting the industry bar for privacy protection.



Transoft Solutions

Transoft Solutions is a global leader specializing in the development of software for the aviation and civil infrastructure industry.

Since 1991, Transoft has been creating innovative and reliable software solutions for the transportation industry—enabling professionals to plan, design, and operate safe and efficient transportation infrastructure with confidence. Transoft’s products are used in 150 countries by more than 50,000 professionals, including local and federal agencies, architecture, engineering consulting firms, airport authorities, and ports.

Transoft’s purpose is to provide transportation professionals with productivity-enhancing tools they can trust. Transoft’s portfolio of products includes:

  • AutoTURN: Leading vehicle swept path analysis and turning simulation software
  • TORUS Roundabouts: Comprehensive solution for roundabout design and analysis
  • NEXUS Intersections: Innovative software to generate intersection layouts quickly
  • NEXUS DDI: Sophisticated software to enables users to rapidly produce DDI geometry
  • ParkCAD: Advanced parking lot design software to maximize capacity and safety
  • GuideSIGN: Create & design highway and roadway signs quickly
  • OTISS Pro: Add-on tool for the ITETripGen web application
  • Traffic Safety & ITS Solutions: Automated video analysis of traffic flow for effective and immediate road safety diagnosis
  • AviPlan, ArcPORT, AirTOP: Airport and airspace design, modeling and simulation

Transoft’s team of specialized experts include engineers, technicians and software developers. They create and develop software applications using field-research and in consultation with industry and standards setting agencies. The company takes pride in providing best-in-class customer support through our offices in Canada, Sweden, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, India, Australia, and China. For more information on Transoft’s range of aviation, civil design, traffic safety, and vehicle simulation solutions, visit


Marketing Contact:
Jessie Gill
604-244-8387 ext 2725


UrbanLogiq was founded in 2016, united by a mission to break down data silos in government. UrbanLogiq seeks to provide a unified view of a region’s urban environment, universally accessible regardless of agency or level of government, and made even more powerful and actionable with analytical tools designed specifically for government workflows. UrbanLogiq aggregates, automates, adds, and analyzes diverse data sets to provide public officials with a unified view of urban intelligence that evolves as their data does. We follow a use-case driven methodology to ensure we can provide actionable insights that will integrate with existing workflows.


Marketing Contact:
Leah Hanvey


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