To qualify for the award, a Student Chapter must submit a report using the format and submission process shown on this page. The page limit for the report is six pages including photographs. 

In order to receive as many submissions as possible, ITE is stressing that reports will be assessed on the described activities only. Chapters should not be putting an excessive amount of time into the preparation of the report and its formatting. This also makes judging of the submissions an easier task.


Submission/Selection Process

The information should be submitted in the format of an Annual Report as a PDF to the District Award Coordinator by March 1.

Each District will select an outstanding Student Chapter for entry in the international competition. Districts may give more than one award; however, only a single entry from each District will be accepted at the international level. The award will be based on a year extending from March 1 to February 28. A Board of Direction Committee will select the International Award Winner. Each District Awards Coordinator will be responsible for uploading the necessary documentation no later than April 1.



The Chapter winning the award will be recognized at the ITE Annual Meeting and Exposition Awards Luncheon and in the ITE Journal. In addition, a travel reimbursement up to $1,000 to attend the meeting as well as a free Annual Meeting Registration and a ticket to the Awards Luncheon will be given.


Submittal Format (Annual Report)

Submittals shall follow the format of an Annual Report, summarizing Chapter activities in the previous year. Do not exceed five pages in length (for text) and one additional page of photographs. Reports should address how the Chapter supported the overall goals and objectives of ITE, addressing key factors, including:

  • Chapter Administration (15 points) -- Hold Regular Meetings—Baseline should be a minimum of four meetings annually, file annual report and have elected officers.

In this format, please list your regular member meetings: Meeting #  ____ Dates of meetings: ____ Location (City): ____ Presentation/speaker:  ____

Was this a joint meeting with another group(s)? Describe one or two meetings that were particularly well received by your members.

Did you file an Annual Report and include elected officers?

  • Networking Events (15 points) – Did your Chapter hold any networking events, particularly with practicing transportation professionals?
  • Leadership Development (15 points) – What is your Chapter doing to encourage leadership development within the chapter?
  • K-12 STEM Outreach (10 points) – Did your Chapter participate in any K-12 STEM Outreach events?
  • Application of Technical Knowledge (15 points) – Did your Chapter address a local transportation issue or collaborate with industry on a project or program, for example. Did any of your members prepare for or present student papers for ITE Districts/Sections or other industry organizations. Were any technical papers published ITE Journal or other technical publications?
  • New Member Recruitment (10 points) – Did your Chapter have a member recruitment event or another method of attracting potential new members?
  • Diversity and Inclusion (5 points) – This can be described demographically as well as through activities that encourage the engagement of students from additional disciplines of study outside of the traditional transportation curriculum.
  • Training/Professional Development (5 points) – Did your Chapter put on any training events for your members or host an educational opportunity?
  • Field Trips/Technical Tours (5 points) – Did your Chapter go on any field trips or technical tours?
  • Service Projects (5 points) – Did your Chapter participate in any community service projects?


NOTE: A Student Chapter cannot receive the Award in consecutive years. A Student Chapter cannot be recognized with the Student Chapter Momentum and Student Chapter Awards in the same year.