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Transportation Planning is essentially the confluence many different disciplines coming together in the first stages of the development of plans, policies and legislative activities, funding, and project development. In, Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach, Transportation Planning is defined as "a collaborative and participatory process involving agencies, organizations and the public in a comprehensive look at national, state, regional and community needs…It examines demographic characteristics and travel patterns for a given area, shows how these characteristics will change over a given period of time and evaluates alternative improvements for the transportation system."

In the Transportation Planning Handbook, Third Edition, transportation planning practice is defined as improving coordination between land use and transportation system planning; providing cooperative interaction between planning, design, and operation of transportation services; maintaining a balance between transportation-related energy use, clean air and water, and encouraging alternative modes of transportation that will enhance efficiency while providing high levels of mobility and safety. 

Since the discipline of transportation planning contains many cross-cutting topics, users of this website will find seminal documents and website information from ITE and other sister-organizations that cover the depth of each subtopic area. We welcome recommendations that individuals may have regarding additional topics, documents or website information that might useful to practicing transportation planners. 


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