Technical Resources

Transportation and Health

Transportation and health are closely linked concepts. As a derived demand, the choice of transportation modes that people have access to can often dictate whether they will be actively moving for a significant part of the day (e.g., walking, biking) or engaging in more sedentary forms of travel (e.g., driving). Transportation options can also dictate level of access to health support facilities such as hospitals and clinics, public recreational facilities, and even such daily essentials as fresh produce and other food resources.


ITE Task Force

ITE has launched a task force focused on promoting the linkage between transportation and health and developing new resources and tools for transportation professionals to incorporate health considerations into the transportation planning and programming process. For more information on the task force and how to get involved with the technical working group, please contact Jeff Lindley or visit the webpage here.


Professional Development

Below are examples of resources from ITE and partner organizations, focused on transportation and health: