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Next Evolution in Transportation Impact Analysis

Now Available! The TripGen11 API, developed by Transoft Solutions for ITE, allows for third-party transportation engineering software providers to link their products directly to the ITE TripGen 11 app and gives users to extract data needed for analysis. 

ITE has initially partnered with PTV Group to offer integration through their software platform, PTV Vistro. The ITE TripGen11 API allows users to import ITE Trip Generation data for proposed project land uses directly within the software and apply the results in integrated transportation impact analysis workflows.

Through PTV’s Vistro software, users can select the land use characteristics, independent variable and time period. Then, choose to apply the average rate or fitted curve equation and view the results in Vistro’s trip generation table and on the ITE formatted data plot graphics.

Information about purchase the Trip Generation Manual, 11th Edition to gain access to TripGen11 App is below. To learn more about PTV’s Vistro, click here. If you are interested in partnering with ITE on API integration, contact Kevin Hooper.

Trip Generation Manual, 11th Edition (TripGen11)

TripGen11 is Your One-Stop for All Your Trip Generation Needs!

This new edition of the Trip Generation Manual enhances the 10th edition’s modernized content, data set, and contemporary delivery - making it an invaluable resource.

The 11th edition features:

  • All the latest multimodal trip generation data for urban, suburban and rural applications,
  • Reclassified land uses to better meet user needs,
  • Integrated digital copies of all land use definitions,  plots and supporting materials,
  • Full ability to filter the data  to match local conditions (in digital versions only)

**When you purchase the 11th Edition and use your new code to change from the 10th Edition to the 11th Edition you will only be able to access 11th Edition data.  However, you will be able to access PDFs for the 10th Edition and 10th Edition Supplement through the Support Documents button within the ITE TripGen11 Web-based App.

For every license purchased, you will receive a unique key code, to create one, single user account at  This is where you will go to access all TripGen11’s data, plots, create plots of your own, and access reference documents. Everything you need is on

Available in Multiple Formats at the Same Price 

  • Digital – A single TripGen11 user license providing electronic access to all plots, descriptions and references and the ability to filter the data to match local conditions. 
  • Hard Copy - A full-printed version of the 11th edition plots and descriptions.

All-in-one-Bundle - A single TripGen11 User License and 11th Edition Hard Copy are available at a discounted price of $1,290 members | $1,890 non-members (+ shipping and handling): Purchase the All-in-one-Bundle

Significant Discounts for Multi-Users

Additional TripGen11 user license - $395 members | $495 non-members

For members purchasing 3 or more single user licenses, it’s most cost effective to purchase the Five-pack or the Office Bundle

Questions or interest in purchasing more than 5 licenses? Email

Looking for Assistance with Traffic Impact Analysis Studies?

The following members of the ITE Consultants Council are available to perform traffic impact analysis studies. The below organizations operate independently of ITE and ITE does not take responsibility for their performance. Individuals should contact the below organizations directly.

Interested in adding your organization to this list? Contact Kathi Driggs to learn more about joining the ITE Consultants Council.

Other Resources

In addition to ITE’s primary Trip Generation publications, we also provide access to a number of other related resources such as articles, related research and white papers as follows:


New & Updated Parking Generation Manual 

ITE has been a leader in parking generation data for more than three decades. Parking Generation Manual, 5th Edition is now available!

This updated manual follows the lead of the modernized, updated, and expanded Trip Generation Manual, 10th Edition. The analyses in Parking Generation Manual will differentiate the levels of parking demand observed at rural, general urban/suburban, dense multi-use urban, and center city core sites.

Similar to the Trip Generation Manual, Parking Generation Manual is available in hard-copy, electronic, and web-based formats in order to cater to the format that works best for users. The web-based app (ITEParkGen) allows a user to produce parking generation data plots and statistics for the complete database as well as filtering by year and location.

How to Purchase Parking Generation Manual, 5th Edition:

There are 2 options for the Parking Generation Manual, 5th Edition.

Option #1: Parking Generation Manual, 5th Edition: Printed Copy, Electronic, & App

If you purchase this option, you will receive a printed version, pdf version, and access to the web application. Please note that the PDF version of Parking Generation Manual is a single user digitally rights managed (DRM) publication. 

Pricing: $345 (ITE member); $495 (non member). Discounts are available for purchases of 6 or more. Contact for more information.

The pdf version and the web application will be delivered the day of purchase, for purchases made by 5:00 p.m. ET.

Option #2:  Parking Generation Manual, 5th Edition: All-Electronic (PDF + App)  

If you purchase this option, you will receive a pdf version and access to the web application. Please note that the PDF version of Parking Generation Manual is a single user digitally rights managed (DRM) publication. 

The pdf version and the web application will be delivered the day of purchase, for purchases made by 5:00 p.m. ET.

Pricing:$245 (ITE member); $395 (non member). Discounts are available for purchases of 6 or more. Contact Frances Bettis for more information.

Unsure of what option is best for you?

  • If you know you want a printed copy or prefer working with a traditional book, choose option #1.
  • If you are interested in the best deal, choose option #1; it includes both the printed and pdf version + access to the web application.
  • If you know that a lot of people are going to have to access the information, consider option #1 or multiple versions of option #2.
  • If you are comfortable with viewing these graphs through a pdf and only occasionally printing a page or two, choose option #2.
  • If you want access to the web application, choose either option #1 or option #2; both have access to the web application.

Questions? Contact Frances Bettis at 202-785-0060 x149 or

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