Transportation Education

Through its products and services, ITE promotes professional development and career advancement for its members, supports and encourages education, identifies necessary research, develops technical resources including standards and recommended practices, develops public awareness programs, and serves as a conduit for the exchange of professional information.

Supporting TPCB's Certification Programs

Recognizing the certification and professional development needs of the transportation profession, the Transportation Professional Certification Board Inc. (TPCB), an autonomous certification body affiliated with the Institute of Transportation Engineers, offers the following certification programs: Professional Traffic Operations Engineer® (PTOE), Professional Transportation Planner® (PTP), and Road Safety Professional (RSP). For more information about these certification programs, visit Transportation Professional Certification Board website. ITE provides the following courses to help professionals prepare for the exams:

Transportation Student Outreach and Recruitment Resources

To make it easier for transportation professionals to participate in local recruitment events and activities, the ITE Transportation Education Council has compiled useful resources to aid in your efforts. These tools represent a first step in encouraging higher quality and more frequent outreach to pre-college students. Through outreach at the local levels and by local volunteers, a much broader student audience can be exposed to the transportation profession and be encouraged to develop a strong interest in pursuing a transportation-related career. Click here to view more details, view web recording on student activities, and download 9 different presentation template slides on introducing transportation engineering to pre-college students.


K-12 STEM Resources

The STEM subcommittee of ITE is excited to announce a new transportation-themed STEM lesson resource for K–12 teachers. The lesson plans are designed to engage students in academic content through real-world transportation problems and projects. Accessible via the STEM Resources website, activities developed by the ITE subcommittee are featured as well as links to other relevant STEM content that is FREE for teachers. In addition, teachers can reach out to state sections and local ITE chapters to request assistance in implementing activities or to identify guest speakers on specific transportation topics through ITE’s vast college student and professional member network.


ITS Professional Capacity Building

ITE in cooperation with USDOT Professional Capacity Building has developed ITS standards training modules and ITS Transit training modules. The 56-module ITS standards training series is for practitioners in state and local highway agencies and transit agencies who seek the skills needed to procure, test, implement, and operate standards-based ITS systems and devices. Consultants, system designers, integrators, and testers will also find the training informative.

The 21-module ITS Transit training series focuses exclusively on standards used in transit applications. Similar to the 56-modules series, the transit modules give practitioners the skills to help them effectively procure and utilize standards used in transit systems and devices. Additionally, they give transportation professionals the skills to help them effectively utilize transit-applicable ITS standards to procure, install, test, and operate ITS technologies.

The training modules mentioned above are available for free at

ITS Professional Capacity Building Program Free Web Pilots for Spring 2020


National Operations Center of Excellence Resources

The National Operations Center of Excellence (NOCoE) has identified workforce development as one of its most important initiatives to help address the needs of the Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) community. NOCoE has put together a series of webpages that captures the growing number of resources available across the industry, from U.S. DOT and the National Network for the Transportation Workforce to formalized training programs. The resources are organized into the following categories:


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