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ITE Talks Transportation Podcast

LATEST EPISODE: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Transportation with Venkat Nallamothu, toXcel

Venkat Nallamothu, P.E., Director, Transportation Operations and Safety at toXcel, joins the ITE Talks Transportation Podcast to talk about the influence technological innovations are having on the transportation industry, specifically artificial intelligence (AI). He discusses the potential implications of AI on transportation infrastructure such as connected and automated vehicles, how AI has evolved in transportation to where we are now, and the role ITE can play in the use and application of AI. 



ITE Talks Transportation is a collaboration between ITE and Bernie Wagenblast, founder and editor of the Transportation Communication Newsletter and host of Transportation Radio. Each month, a new podcast features a thought leader within the transportation industry. In keeping with #transportationtuesday, a new episode will be available the 4th Tuesday of every month.

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Meet the Host

Bernie Wagenblast is host of the ITE Talks Transportation podcast. Bernie had her start in the transportation field as one of the original Shadow Traffic reporters in New York City, NY, USA in 1979. Following this, she worked on transportation in the public sector with NYCDOT and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. For nearly a decade, she served as the operations manager of TRANSCOM, a multi-agency information center, and was involved with the creation of the I-95 Corridor Coalition. Following that, she worked in the private sector for firms such as TransCore, SmartRoute Systems, and Westwood One. Bernie does a variety of transportation voiceover work and can be heard on PATCO, the New York City subway system, and the AirTrain at Newark Airport. She also narrates many of the online courses offered to ITE members through the Consortium for Innovative Transportation Education at the University of Maryland. She’s the editor of several transportation e-publications, including the Transportation Communications Newsletter and the AASHTO Daily Transportation Update.



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