ITE Photo Exchange

The ITE Photo Exchange is an exclusive resource designed to foster collaboration and resource sharing among ITE members. This platform serves as a growing database where you can upload, share, and access a diverse range of categorized images, perfect for enhancing your projects and presentations. The Photo Exchange aims to streamline the discovery of relevant visuals while promoting the sharing of knowledge and experiences within our community.

To maintain the integrity and quality of the ITE Photo Exchange, we ask that you only submit images taken by you, ensuring that you are the rightful owner of the content. By participating, you grant ITE and fellow members royalty-free access to use your images in various mediums, such as web, print, and marketing materials. In return, you gain access to a wealth of visuals captured by your peers, expanding your creative resources and fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

The ITE Photo Exchange is accessible exclusively to ITE members. Learn more about this community of transportation professionals and how to join here.

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