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ITE membership includes an annual subscription to ITE Journal, therefore members have exclusive access to full text ITE Journal articles provided on the ITE Web site. If you wish to become a member of ITE, be sure to check out ITE's membership benefits and services, and application process.

Non-members can become subscribers to the printed version of ITE Journal for an annual subscription fee. For more information about annual subscriptions, please contact Jennifer Childs at 202-785-0060 ext. 124.

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Subscriptions normally begin within six weeks of receipt of order. Missing issues must be claimed within six months of issue date and will be supplied subject to availability. If missing issues cannot be supplied, we will refund a pro-rata share of the subscription price or extend the subscription at the subscriber’s option. We generally do not back-date subscriptions, but we will attempt to satisfy, where possible, specific start dates.

Subscriptions are mailed by second class mail within the U.S. Foreign subscriptions are bulk shipped to major cities and then distributed to subscribers through the local mail system. Because of differences in local mail systems, delivery times cannot be guaranteed. Custom shipment methods, e.g., air mail, messenger etc., are not available.

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