ITE Journal Call for Peer Reviewers

Would you like to help select which articles are chosen for publication in ITE Journal by participating as a peer reviewer? If so, we ask for your participation by taking a quick, six-question survey.

Purpose: In order to ensure that ITE Journal meets the highest technical standards and is in alignment with industry best practices, we are using a platform called Scholastica to complete peer reviews of papers for potential publication.

Who May Participate? Volunteer peer reviewers in various technical areas related to transportation.

Please note that we are seeking your viewpoint and expertise as a transportation professional and value your insights as someone with experience in your given technical areas. It is not necessary to be a professional in academia or a writing expert to participate!

Scope: We are looking for ITE members to self-identify in one or more technical areas to serve as potential reviewers on these topics.


  • Once you have self-identified the areas where you are willing to conduct a review, you will receive instructions to register on Scholastica as a peer reviewer, a free online platform. There you will have a chance to list your expertise and upload your CV/bio.
  • You may receive requests from ITE Journal Sr. Editor Holly Stowell to review articles related to the topics you have selected. You are free to accept or decline the invitation depending on your availability at that time.
  • The review process is web-based, and takes approximately one hour per article.
  • You will not be asked to review more than one paper at a time.

For more information, you can visit the Scholastica Reviewer’s Guide.

Recognition: We will extend our thanks to peer reviews on a quarterly basis with a list of reviewer names in the ITE Journal. You may also list yourself as a peer review for ITE Journal in your professional bio and resume.


They survey closes on Friday, June 5th at 5 p.m. ET.

Thank you in advance for your participation and continued dedication to ITE. Please contact Holly Stowell with any questions.