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Professional Development Record-Keeping System

Introducing a NEW Professional Development Record-Keeping System

For ITE Members: Take advantage of the NEW Professional Development Record-Keeping System to make tracking your credits easier. Benefits of the new system:

  • Synced with the ITE Learning Hub; credits earned through the ITE Learning Hub will now be automatically populated to this new system
  • Can track both PDH and AICP credits
  • Externally earned credits can be manually entered
  • Transcripts can be customized by date range and/or PDH or AICP


Follow the instructions to the right to access the NEW System. Non-Members can purchase a 3 year subscription to the NEW Professional Development Record-Keeping System for $75. 

The Legacy Professional Development Record-Keeping System will continue to be available to ITE members through another cycle of TPCB Certification Renewals (targeting 2024-2025 as an end access date).

To access any previous records, you have already populated and need for renewal of certifications simply access the Legacy System by Clicking Here.


UPDATE - We have been asked by a few members why we did not migrate over all records from our legacy system to the new system. The data format of the legacy record keeping system is not compatible with the database platform we are converting to, and each record would need to be manually reviewed prior to transfer. ITE does not have the resources to convert these records. We recommend you print a full record of you Legacy record for future use. ITE will leave the legacy system accessible through another full TPCB Certification Cycle to assist you with upcoming renewals of various licenses and certifications. If you would like a fuller technical explanation as to why we made the decision to not migrate this data Click Here.

A growing number of jurisdictions and certification boards are requiring that individuals satisfy continuing professional competency requirements for professional development as a condition for licensure or certification renewal. In the vast majority of cases, the responsibility of maintaining records to be used to support credits claimed is the responsibility of the individual professional.

Records required include, but are not limited to:

  1. A log showing the type of activity claimed, sponsoring organization, location, duration, instructor's or speaker's name, and PDH credits earned; and
  2. Attendance verification records in the form of completion certificates or other documents supporting evidence of attendance.

ITE has set up the Professional Development Record-Keeping System as a tool for transportation professionals to keep track of credits earned. Units of activities entered in a log will be converted into Professional Development Hours (PDH). The log created by the ITE Professional Development Record-Keeping System conforms to the guidelines set forth by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).

Tracking your Activity

The New Professional Development Record-Keeping System is available for free to ITE members

(Note: The UN/PW to log in to the PDRKS is the same as the UN/PW you use to log in to the members only area of the website.)




Not an ITE member? Join Today!

Non-members can purchase a 3 year subscription to the Professional Record-Keeping System for $75. To purchase access, go here: RecordKeepingSub - RecordKeepingE (

For non-members of ITE who have TPCB certifications, use the username and password you use to process your TPCB certification renewals when you purchase the subscription. DO NOT CREATE A NEW RECORD.


Legacy Record-Keeping System

The Legacy Record-Keeping System is available by Clicking Here. We recommend using the new system to add credits earned outside of ITE. Access to this legacy system will remain open but we are planning to close it in 2024-2025.