Professional and Career Development


This May, we are celebrating ITE's mentoring programs.  Check in here for updates and information.

Join Us for These May Mentoring Events!

Register for the Mentoring Informational Session on May 18th at 4pm EDT.

ITE's Younger Member Committee is hosting a Mentoring Happy Hour on March 26th at 7pm EDT. Join us by clicking here: Mentoring Happy Hour

ITE has a long history of members mentoring one another and these programs happen all across ITE – in our student chapters, with the Sections, Districts and at the International level. Some programs are more formal than others, and there are many opportunities to get involved.

If you are interested in joining an ITE mentoring program, you have options.

  • Contact your local Chapter or Section to see if they have a mentoring program.
  • Talk to your District to see if there are options for mentoring at that level.
  • Participate in the ITE International Matson and Hammond Mentoring Program.

The Matson and Hammond Mentoring Program is an online option that is available through ITE’s e-community.  You can access the program here.

This unique online networking and career development tool helps you find, connect, and share experiences with others. Your mentor or mentee can be in the same city or on the other side of the world.

For more extensive information on our mentoring program, click here to access the Matson and Hammond Mentoring Program Manual.

Available Resources for Mentors and Mentees in any Mentoring Program

Once you are ready to begin your relationship, we recommend making use of these resources that will help you set goals, expectations, take notes, and provide feedback back to ITE on how your relationship is going: