Professional and Career Development

Student to Professional Videos

ITE’s Women in ITE Committee and Student to Younger Member Transition Task Force recently collaborated on this project to assist students and young professionals navigate the beginning stages of careers in transportation.  Our District Rising Stars and 2021 Young Leaders to Follow were interviewed on a variety of topics noted below ranging from career options to the importance of certifications.

Career Options

What are my career options after graduation?

Should I do graduate school or enter the workforce?

What are some aspects to consider when selecting between job offers?  What should I look for in a company?

What are the key differences between the public and private sector?

What type of job would allow me the most flexibility? (family needs) 


How important is certification? Should I be aiming for the PE?

When should I take the FE and EIT?

What is the PTOE, RSP, PTP, (etc.) and when/why do people usually obtain these certifications?

If I am working remotely, what can I do to ensure that I get adequate professional mentorship and experience in preparation for being a PE? Am I being involved and exposed to engineering challenges and hard decisions?  Am I missing out?


What questions can I ask during an interview to make sure I have accurate expectations of the job?

How should I prepare for interviews?  Should I follow up after an interview?

ITE Involvement

Why should I volunteer with ITE?

How do I join a committee or find a volunteer opportunity?

Where should I start to get involved with ITE?  Who should I contact?

How do I get involved and meet people in a new ITE Section?

How does involvement with ITE help me find a job?

What is the difference between a section and a district, and which one is right for me?

What are the ITE councils and committees and how do I get involved? What can I offer if I am new to the profession and don’t know anything yet?

How do I balance full-time work and an ITE leadership role?  How is it different than being a student ITE leader?

ITE Membership

Why should I remain a member of ITE after college graduation?

Do ITE members have to be engineers?  If I’m not an engineer, how do I fit in at ITE?

Do employers cover the cost of membership fees?

What are some resources ITE offers to fresh graduates/young professionals?

Job Benefits

How do you weigh the value of job benefits?

How do I know I'm being paid fairly and in line with industry standards?  Is there a way to get more reliable data on salaries to use when negotiating (instead of relying on glassdoor and

What are the benefits (PTO and 401K contributions) that are typical?

How do I negotiate on salary?

Job Specific

How can I evaluate if a company will be a good fit for me?

What are good qualities to look for in a supervisor?

What should I do when the job does not meet my expectations and those provided by my employer?

When and how do I know is the best time the resign/change my job?

How do I talk to my employer about my interest in ITE, especially if ITE is not a common organization for them or they do not financially support professional involvement in any society?


How do I find a mentor that can lead me in the right direction to getting my PE and mentor me throughout my professional career?


What does the industry think about Ph.D. students?  Do they value the research they did or their research ability?

Why should PhD students remain/join ITE?

Skills Needed

What transportation specific skills are employers looking for in new hires?  How can I develop those?

What are some tips for making the transition from school to industry?

What are some key things to do within the first months of starting your career?

What are the best ways to continue learning and to stay on top of industry developments after I leave school?

How should those who have no experience (internships)  prepare for the workforce?

How do I start my new job when it is virtual/remote/hybrid?

Student Membership

My school doesn't have an ITE Student Chapter.  Can I still join ITE?

How can students get the most out of their ITE membership?

I’m an international student- how can I stay involved with ITE from my home country?

Work/Life Balance

What are some tips for maintaining work/life balance?


What happens if I see discrimination or am discriminated against at work? What should I do?

What are some tips on building a supportive network of people?

What can I expect as a new transportation professional?