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Wilbur S. Smith Distinguished Transportation Educator Award

Wilbur S. Smith, an Honorary Member and the 11th International President of ITE, was a legend in the transportation community, known and respected worldwide for his innovative transportation systems and his lifelong commitment to the furtherance of the profession. His illustrious career included serving as professor and associate director of the Bureau of Highway Traffic at Yale University. The Wilbur S. Smith Distinguished Transportation Educator Award recognizes a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the transportation profession by relating academic studies to the actual practice of transportation.  


Past Recipients


1993 Donald S. Berry 
1994 Harold L. Michael 
1995 James I. Taylor 
1996 C. Michael Walton 
1997 Wolfgang S. Homburger 
1998 Adolf D. May Jr. 
1999 Louis J. Pignataro 
2000 Daniel B. Fambro 
2001 Lester A. Hoel 
2002 Kumares C. Sinha 
2003 Joseph L. Schofer 
2004 Jodi L. Carson 
2005 Alan M. Clayton 
2006 Michael D. Meyer 

2007 Vukan Vuchic 
2008 Chandra Bhat 
2009 Eric J. Miller
2010 John M. Mason
2011 Tarek Sayed
2012 H. Gene Hawkins
2013 Peter S. Parsonson
2014 Grant G. Schultz
2015 Mashrur Chowdhury
2016 Wayne A. Sarasua
2017 Jeannette Montufar
2018 Bin Ran
2019Benjamín Colucci-Ríos
2020 Stephanie Ivey 
2021 David Hurwitz 

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