Professional and Career Development

Transportation Education Council Innovation in Education Award

Past Recipients 

2005 Conrad Dudek, Texas A&M University Mentor's Program for Mentoring Activity Integrated Into a Graduate Course
2006 Kathleen Frankle, the University of Maryland, College Park for The Center for ITS Training and Education
2007 Bond M. Yee for City and County of San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic Internship Program 
2008 Center for Advanced Transportation Technology, University of Maryland - College Park for Operations Academy Senior Management Program 
2009 National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology at the University of Idaho, Moscow, ID for Traffic Signal Summer Workshop and MOST Program
2010 Robert Bertini, Deputy Administrator, U.S. DOT Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Washington, DC 
2011 Martin Pietrucha, Pennsylvania State University and Denver Tolliver, North Dakota State University for Transportation Leadership Graduate Certificate Program 
2012 Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation 
2013 no award given 
2014 no award given 
2015 no award given
2016 University Transportation Curriculum Project, David Hurwitz, Kristen Sanford Bernhardt, Rod Turochy, and Rhonda Young 
2017 Peter Furth, Northeastern University, Boston, MA 
2018 Yinhai Wang
2019 ITS Heartland’s TSMO University Educational Program
2020 Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority MoveFWD, a Workforce Collaborative of Central Texas
2021 University of Washington Online Master of Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics / Anne Goodchild

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