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Pedestrian & Bicycle Standing Committee Best Project Award

The ITE Pedestrian and Bicycle Standing Committee Best Project Awards is bestowed on a project that applies innovative design solutions or study techniques related to pedestrian and bicycle activities. Projects that best benefit the profession and the public are encouraged to be submitted for consideration. Submissions that effectively communicate a problem statement, clearly outline methods used, highlight results, advance feasible and reliable solutions, and demonstrate the benefits to the public will be given the highest consideration.


Past Recipients

2016 Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide, MassDOT
2017 Assessment of Sidewalk/Bicycle-Lane Gaps with Safety and Developing Statewide Pedestrian Crash Rates, Florida Department of Transportation and University of Central Florida 
Best Pedestrian and/or Bicycle Construction Project, Music Row Bikeway
Best Pedestrian and/or Bicycle Study, Policy, and Technology Project, Improving User Understanding of Bicycle Detection at Traffic Signals
2020 North Fremont Street Transit, Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements