ITE Individual Membership Dues

The following information is valid through September 30, 2024. All prices are in US funds.

Annual Dues U. S.
ITE Canada Outside of U.S. and Canada
Student Full Time Undergraduate $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Students Full Time Graduates $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Member or Fellow Publicly Employed $285.00 $245.00 $215 or $140 or $75
Member or Fellow Privately Employed $310.00 $265.00 $235 or $155 or $80
Retired Members $130.00 $110.00 $100 or $70 or $30

Click here to view a summary of District and Section dues for 2024. All dues are subject to change.

ITE provides reduced, progressive dues for younger members. A listing of these dues are below and for more information you can go here:

2024 Dues
22 & 23


*Dues are prorated if you join mid-year. You will be billed for pro-rata Annual, pro-rata District Dues and, if applicable, Section Dues. Section Dues are not pro-rated.

If you are currently not employed in a transportation position and actively seeking to find satisfactory employment within the transportation field, you may be eligible to have your membership dues deferred. Please contact membership at

If you have any questions regarding Membership in ITE, please e-mail us at