Transportation Systems Management & Operations: Individual and Project/Organization

Past Recipients


1994 John C. Merritt 
1995 Lyle Saxton 
1996 Edward J. Seymour 
1997 Christine M. Johnson 
1998 Wayne Shackelford 
1999 Leslie N. Jacobson 
2000 Lawson P. Stapleton, Jr. 
2001 Walter H. Kraft 
2003 Mark R. Norman 
2004 James R. (JR) Robinson 
2005 Peter M. Briglia 
2006 Jeffrey F. Paniati 

2007 Jeffrey A. Lindley 
2008 James M. Kranig 
2009 John M. Corbin 
2010 Stephen Albert 
2011 Philip Tarnoff 
2012 Philip H. Masters 
2013 David A. Zavattero 
2014 Emmanuel Anastasiadis 
2015 Denise Markow 
2016 Richard Montanez 
2017 Faisal Saleem 
2018 M. Rizwan Baig 
2019 Thomas Urbanik
2020 Jay Jaber
2021 Robert Rausch



1994 Los Angeles Area Transportation Agencies for the Santa Monica Freeway Smart Corridor Project 
1995 Minnesota Department of Transportation for Successfully Implementing the Portable Traffic Management System  
1996 FHWA, GA DOT, MARTA, FTA, GA Public Television, Cobb County Transit, et. al. for working together to increase public awareness of the ITS program and demonstrating the benefits in daily commuting through the successful implementation of the Atlanta 
Traveler Information Showcase 
1997 Houston TranStar, Houston, TX 
1998 Kentucky/Ohio Advanced Regional Traffic Interactive Management & Information System (ARTIMIS)
1999 AZTech ITS Model Deployment Initiative, Phoenix, Arizona 
2000 George Washington Bridge ITS Deployment Project, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, USA, for the implementation of a system blending ITS technologies for incident identification, confirmation, response and information dissemination to optimize the effectiveness of an existing infrastructure 
2001 Minnesota Intelligent Vehicle Initiative, for the development of technology to assist drivers in low?visibility (fog, snow, etc.) conditions by providing drivers lateral guidance and warnings to avoid collisions. Utilizes GPS pavement markings, heads?up displays and other warning devices 
2003 City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation in recognition of the Los Angeles 
Transit Priority System for the development of an innovative transit priority system resulting in significant improvement in transit operations in the Los Angeles region with minimal impact on automotive traffic 
2006 Alemeda County Congestion Management Agency East Bay SMART Corridors Program 
2007 Florida Department of Transportation District 4 SMARTSunGuide ITS Program 
2008 National Freight Performance Measures Initiative 
2011 Freeway and Arterial System of Transportation Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada 
2015 AZTech Regional Information System (ARIS) 
2016 Manatee County 
2017 Macomb County Department of Roads 
2018 FDOT TSM&O Program, Florida Department of Transportation
2019 ITS Heartland’s TSMO University Educational Program
2020 VDOT NRO Signal Operations Achieving Safety and Mobility with Traffic Signal Management
2021 City of Madison Local TSMO Program


Public Agency

1994 Road Commission for Oakland County, CA 
1995 U. S. Department of Transportation Michigan 
1996 Washington State Department of Transportation 
1997 City of Jackson, MS 
1998 City of Santa Anna, CA 
2004 Capital Wireless Integrated Network (CapWIN) 
2005 Georgia State Department of Transportation 
2008 I?35 W Bridge Traffic Incident Response Team 
2009 Mississippi Department of Transportation 
2010 City of Seattle Department of Transportation 
2012 Travel Time Advisory on Arterial Dynamic Message Signs, City of Chandler, AZ 
2013 2011 Indiana Interstate Mobility Report, Indiana Department of Transportation 
2014 City of Greensboro, NC and Kimley?Horn & Associates