Transportation Safety Council Edmund R. Ricker Awards

The Transportation Safety Council Edmund R. Ricker Awards are given in two categories:  individual and organization for outstanding contributions to the field of traffic safety and are chosen by members of the Transportation Safety Council each year. 

The individual award is given to a person who is recognized as a leader in the field of traffic safety through his/her safety activities in professional organizations, in the community, or in the performance of traffic engineering. 

The organization award is given to an organization that has provided exemplary support for traffic safety through financial support, public relations, or other means.

Past Recipients 


1994 John T. Hanna 
1995 R. Clarke Bennett 
1996 Nazir Lalani 
1997 James L. Pline 
1998 George W. Black Jr. 
1999 Richard A. Retting 
2000 Stein Lundebye 
2001 Francis P. Navin 
2002 Willard A. Alroth 
2002 Fred F. Small 
2003 Nicholas J. Garber 
2004 Eugene M. Wilson 
2005 Carl Belanger 
2006 Rudolf (Rudy) Umbs 
2007 Richard B. Nassi 
2008 Fred N. Ranck 
2009 Martin E. Lipinski 
2010 Fred C. M. Wegman 
2011 Juan M. Morales 
2012 Rizwan Baig 
2013 Hugh W. McGee 
2014 Gerald Forbes  
2016 Sanjay Paul
2017 Russell Brownlee 
2019 Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty
2020 Peter Tarmo Savolainen
2021 Karen Dixon


1994 American Automobile Association
1995 The World Bank 
1996 Insurance Corporation of British Columbia 
1997 Transit New Zealand 
1999 Traffic Improvement Association 
2000 Monash University Accident Research Center 
2003 City of Phoenix, AZ 
2004 Seminole County Florida Community Traffic Team  
2005 City of White Plains, NY 
2006 Port Authority of New York and New Jersey 
2008 Iowa DOT Safety Group 
2009 City of Hamilton, ON, Canada 
2010 City of Springfield, MO 
2011 Singapore Land Transport Authority  
2012 Transportation Safety Resource Center??Rutgers 
2014 LEGO® Bicycle Education Videos Outreach Program by the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  
2017 Florida’s Wrong?Way Driving Mitigation Initiative
2018 LOCATE Chapter “DriveSmart” Young Driver Outreach Program 
2019 Pima Association of Governments Systemic Safety Analysis Platform: Safety Explorer
2021 Transoft Soultions Inc.: Video-based Network-wide Conflict and Speed Analysis to Support Vision Zero in Bellevue, WA