Rising Stars Program

ITE is committed to cultivating the next generation of our profession. As such, ITE’s Rising Stars Program has been created to identify the next generation and new faces of the transportation profession. It is designed to recognize members under the age of 35 who have already made an impact on the profession, have demonstrated the ability to lead the next generation, and have implemented innovative techniques to solve transportation problems. Each year’s Rising Stars Class will consist of representatives from ITE’s Districts. Beginning in 2021, the Rising Stars will help make up the Young Leaders to Follow and one person from the Young Leaders to Follow will be selected for the Young Member of the Year Award. 


Past Recipients 

Class of 2015 
Tyler Golly – Canadian District 
Danni Jorgenson – Florida District 
Lia Michaels – Great Lakes District  
Kenn Beer – International District  
Nicole Kline – Mid?Colonial District  
Michael Bittner – Midwestern District  
Samuel Gregorio – Northeastern District 
K. Scott Walker – Southern District  
Oscar Garza – Texas District  
Neelam Dorman – Western District  

Class of 2016 
Garreth Rempel – Canadian District  
Praveen Pasumarthy – Florida District  
Gerald Bollinger – Great Lakes District  
Sara Moridpour – International District  
Seth D. Young – Mid?Colonial District 
Jennifer Pangborn – Midwestern District 
Michelle Danila – Northeastern District  
Meredith Emory – Southern District  
Julio Ramos – Texas District  
Devin Moore– Western District  

Class of 2017 
Erin Toop – Canadian District 
Seckin Ozkul – Florida District 
Joyce Yassin – Great Lakes District
Jeffrey Kupko – Mid?Colonial District 
Amanda Brauer – Midwestern District 
Mohammad Jalayer – Northeastern District 
Ryan Eckenrode – Southern District 
Erin Eurek – Texas District 
Kimberly Leung – Western District 

Class of 2018 
Lou Davenport – Western District 
Thomas Montz – Southern District 
Wendy Krehbiel – Florida District 
Sarah Hernandez – Midwestern District 
Suzanna Set – Texas District  
Vivek Hariharan – Mid-Colonial District  
Adam Allen – Northeastern District 
Irini Akhnoukh – Canadian District  
David K. Addison – Great Lakes District 
Manuel L. Lawrence – International District

Class of 2019
Patrick Marnell – Western District
Kellie Reep – Southern District
Christopher Russo – Florida District
Justin Effinger – Midwestern District
Gaby Tassin – Texas District
Burak Cesme – Mid-Colonial District
Keith Hall – Northeastern District
Rebecca Peterniak – Canadian District