The Outstanding Section Award was initiated in 1992 and formerly called the “Section Activities Award.” It is designed to encourage ITE Sections to participate in activities that are aligned with the purpose and objectives of ITE. The award will be judged on the elements listed below.



To qualify for the award, a Section must submit a PDF report using the format and submission process shown on this page. The page limit for the report is six pages.

In order to receive as many submissions as possible, ITE emphasizes that reports will be assessed on the described activities only. Sections should not be putting an excessive amount of time into the preparation of the report and its formatting. This also makes judging of the submissions an easier task. NOTE: A Section cannot receive the Award in consecutive years.


Submission/Selection Process

All entries must be submitted digitally as a PDF to the District Award Coordinator by March 1. Each District will then select one winning Section entry in the International competition via by April 1. These deadlines allow judging to be complete in time for the award winner to be announced in conjunction with ITE’s Annual Meeting and Exhibition.



The Section winning the award will be recognized at the ITE Annual Meeting and in ITE Journal.


Submittal Format

Submittals shall follow the format as described in the next section and not exceed six pages in length including photographs. Where the response is “yes,” please provide a short description of the activity or activities.

  • Regular Meetings (10 points)  Baseline is a minimum of six meetings annually. In this format, please list your regular member meetings: Meeting #  ____   Dates of meetings:  ____           Location (City): ____  Presentation/speaker:  ____     Was this a joint meeting with another group(s)? ____  Describe one or two meetings that were particularly well received by your members.
  • Student/Younger Member Support (15 points)  Describe how your Section supported your ITE Students and Younger Members last year. (i.e. scholarships, student leadership summits, mentoring, etc.).
  • Application of Technical Knowledge (10 points)  Did your Section, for example, address a local transportation issue or collaborate with industry on a project or program?
  • Networking Events (10 points)   Did your Section hold any networking events? Describe any events that would have led to a particularly meaningful experience for members.
  • K-12 STEM Outreach (10 points)   Did your Section participate in any K-12 STEM Outreach events?
  • New Member Recruitment (10 points)   Did your Section have a member recruitment event or another method of attracting potential new members?
  • Diversity and Inclusion (5 points)   How did your Section attempt to both diversify participation and encourage an inclusive environment? This can be described demographically as well as through activities that encourage the engagement of various people including, for example, Public Agencies, women, planners, and younger member communities.
  • Training/Professional Development (5 points)   Did your Section host any training events for your members or conduct an educational opportunity?
  • Field Trips/Technical Tours (5 points)   Did your Section go on any field trips or technical tours?
  • Service Projects (5 points)   Did your Section participate in any community service projects?
  • Funding Support (5 points)   Do you raise funds outside of dues and events to reinvest in your members?
  • LeadershipITE (5 points)   How does your Section support members interested in LeadershipITE? How does your Section integrate its Alumni?
  • Advocacy (5 points)   Did your Section engage in any activities to educate and inform members about issues, legislation, and/or regulations that might impact the transportation industry?