Daniel B. Fambro Student Paper Award

The purpose of the Daniel B. Fambro Student Paper Award competition is to encourage student members of ITE to conduct and report on independent and original research and investigation of traffic or transportation engineering subjects and to provide a means for recognizing outstanding accomplishment in this area. The award is named after Daniel B. Fambro, professor at Texas A&M University and Associate Research Engineer at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Dan died in September 1999 at the age of 48. In naming the award in Dan's honor ITE recognizes his exemplary service to ITE and his dedication to his students and the profession.


Past Recipients

1976 Panos G. Michalopoulos
1977 Peter G. Hart
1978 Shih-Miao Chin
1979 Michael J. Cynecki
1980 Anne Taylor-Harris
1981 Pete Alle
1982 Warren E. Hughes
1983 Mitsuro Saito
1984 Yean-Jye Lu
1985 Hossein B. Takallou
1986 Peter S. Lindquist
1987 Cesar J. Molina Jr.
1988 Christopher M. Poe
1989 Russell H. Henk
1990 Greg MacKinnon
1991 Virginia Sisiopiku
1992 Mahesh Pethe
1993 Cheng-Tin Gan
1994 Muhammad S. Iqbal
1995 Shane Velan
1996 Renatus N. Mussa
1997 Michael D. Fontaine

1998 Kerry Victoria Perrillo
1999 Gregory L. Luttrell
2000 Qiong "Joan" Shen
2001 Lei Xu
2002 Brent M. Turley
2003 Vikki Ngan
2004 Ayman Elbermawy
2005 Chengjun Zhan
2006 Ivana Vladisavljevic
2007 Stephen Boyles
2009 Zhixia Li
2010 Chenxi Lu
2011 Katerina Moreland
2012 Xiaoyue Cathy Liu
2013 Christopher L. Melson
2014 Brendan J. Russo
2015 Jodi A. Godfrey
2016 Nicholas Fournier
2017 Asif Raihan
2018 Jianqing Wu
2019 Soheil Sohrabi
2020 Xiaoyu Guo
2021 Mingjian Wu
2022 MD Shakir Mahmud
2023 Ericka Mora Campos