Council Leadership Team Awards Past Recipients

The Council Leadership Team Awards (formerly Coordinating Council) recognizes outstanding technical committee contributions to the ITE Council Leadership Team program. Selection is based primarily on the significance of the committee's contributions to the transportation engineering profession, the extent to which it met its objective, and the value and usefulness of the form in which its work is reported.

The Council Leadership Project Excellence Award recognizes the best technical product resulting from work developed, completed and sponsored by a Council in the previous calendar year. This award is not limited to only volunteer projects. 

The Council Leadership Team's Jeff Lindley Personal and Technical Excellence Award (formerly the Outstanding Volunteer Award) is given to an individual in recognition of their lasting contributions to the community of transportation professionals. 


Past Award Recipients 

1981 Committee 6F-8, Pedestrian and Transit Malls; Herbert S. Levinson 
1982 Committee 6F-21, Transportation Energy Forecasts to the Year 2000; Richard B. Robertson  
1984 Committee 4A-11, Traffic and Parking control for Snow Emergencies; Richard F. Klatt 
1985 Committee 2-22, Effective Communication for the Transportation Professional; William G. van Gelder  
1986 Committee 4S-11, A Standard for Pedestrian Signal Indications; Barry W. Fairfax 
1987 Committee 6F-27, Transportation Energy Contingency Planning; Jon D. Fricker  
1988 Committee 6A-37, Effectiveness of HOV Facilities; Dennis L. Christiansen  
1989 Committee 6Y-19, Planning Urban Arterial and Freeway Systems; Brian S. Bochner  
1990 Transportation Planners Council Task Force on Traffic Access/Impact Studies; Brian S. Bochner  
1991 Committee 6Y-37, Light Rail Transit Traffic Engineering; Hans Korve  
1992 Committee 5B-28, Geometric Design and Operational Considerations for Trucks; Kay Fitzpatrick 
1993 Committee 6A-42, Light Rail Transit Grade Separation Guidelines; Thomas J. Stone  
1994 Committee 5A-25A, Residential Subdivision Street Design; Paul C. Box 
1996 ITS Council Operations and Maintenance Committee 
1997 National Conference on Operating and Maintaining Traffic Management Centers; Walter H. Kraft 
1998 Traffic Engineering Council Committee, Willard A. Alroth 
1999 Intelligent Transportation Systems Council Committee; Walter H. Kraft 
2000 Traffic Engineering Council Committee, Shawn M. Turner 
2000 Council Leadership Team Committee, Abbas Mohaddes 
2001 Outstanding Council Chair Recognition: Kay Fitzpatrick, Traffic Engineering Council 
2002 Traffic Engineering Council Committee, James L. Pline  
2003 Pedestrian and Bicycle Council, Jumana M. Nabti and Matthew D. Ridgway
2004 Public Agency Council, Nazir Lalani  
2004 Special Recognition, Nazir Lalani  
2005 Parking Council, Ransford McCourt

2005 Special Recognition, Brian Bochner  
2006 Traffic Engineering Council, Nathaniel Behura  
2006 Special Recognition, Wayne Tanda  
2007 Transportation Education Council, Martin E. Lipinski 
2008 Special Recognition, Ransford McCourt,  
2009 Expert Witness Council, Robert E. Stammer Jr.  
2010 Special Recognition, Walter Kraft  
2011 Traffic Engineering Council, Kay Fitzpatrick  
2011 Special Recognition, Matthew Ridgway  
2012 Planning Council, Owen P. Curtis and Donald F. Samdahl 
2012 Special Recognition, Hillary N. Isebrands        
2013 Special Recognition, John A. Davis 
2013 Best Project, Methods and Practices for Setting Speed Limits, Gerry Forbes
2014 Special Recognition, Debbie Harris 
2014 Best Project, Traffic Engineering Council Project: School Site Planning, Design, and 
Transportation by Michael Cynecki and Brandon Forrey          
2015 Special Recognition, Gordon Meth 
2015 Best Project, Sight Triangle and Corner Clearance Policies at Intersections and Driveways: An ITE Informational Report 
Project Chair: Paul Villaluz, Traffic Engineering Council 
2016 Special Recognition, Amir Rizavi 
2016 Best Project, Survey of Guidelines to Select Sidewalk Locations: An ITE Informational Report 
Chair: Gerry Forbes 
2017 Best Project, Recommended Design Guidelines to Accommodate Pedestrians and Bicycles at Interchanges  
Authors: Meghan Mitman and Mathew Ridgeway, Complete Streets Council  
Outstanding Volunteer, Jeff Riegner 
2018 Best Project, Protected Bikeways Practitioners Guide, Complete Streets Council 
Outstanding Volunteer, Stephen R. Kuciemba 
2019 Best Project, Roundabout Standing Committee Outreach
Outstanding Volunteer, Meghan Mitman
2020 Best Project, Drafting, Designing, and Deploying Wrong-Way Driving Countermeasures - A Florida DOT Initiative, Dr. Priyanka Alluri and Dr. Raj Ponnaluri
Outstanding Volunteer, Phil Rust

2021 Best Project: ITE Technical Conference: Innovative Intersections and Streets 

Complete Streets Council - Alex Rixey, AICP, RSP1, Chair; Planning Council - Aaron Zimmerman, PTP, Chair; Safety Council - Meghan Mitman, AICP, RSP1, Chair; Traffic Engineering Council - Gordon Meth, P.E., PP, PTP, RSP2I, Chair

Outstanding Volunteer: Chuck Huffine

2022 Best Project: Preemption of Traffic Signals Near Railroad Grade Crossings Recommended Practice primary authors and members of ITE's Joint Rail Grade Crossing Committee: Tom Lancaster, Karen Hankinson, Brent Ogden, Jason L. Field, Rick Campbell, and Douglas Noble. 

2022 Outstanding Volunteer: Luana Clara Ozelim Broshears


2023 CLT Council Project Excellence Award

Signal Timing Webinar Series presented by ITE's Traffic Engineering Council


2023 CLT Jeff Lindley Award for Personal and Technical Excellence

Amir Rizavi