The purpose of the award is to recognize an individual who has contributed to the advancement of ITE over a period of years in an outstanding fashion. Burton W. Marsh was “Mr. ITE.” He was a Founder, Past President, and former Executive Secretary of ITE. For more than 50 years, Burt was one of the most active ITE members, providing sage and friendly counsel and always willing to pitch in and do more than his fair share. He was a pioneer in urban traffic engineering and recognized early on the importance of traffic safety programs that incorporated the driver, the vehicle, and the roadway elements.



Any ITE member who has shown dedicated service to ITE and the profession of transportation. The service must be broad in scope and extended over a period of several years. Officers and Directors of ITE are not eligible while on the International Board of Direction.



Award will consist of a trophy or plaque, given at the ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibition Awards Luncheon along with a free registration to the meeting and a guest ticket to the Awards Luncheon.


Selection Process

The selection is made by a committee of the most recent ITE Past Presidents. The judges will identify candidates and may also consider suggestions of candidates from members. Only one recipient will be named annually, and an award need not be presented every year. Posthumous awards may be made. Once the recipient is chosen, he/she is encouraged to prepare a paper to be published in ITE Journal about the contribution which served as the primary basis for the award or on a related subject.

Nominations are not submitted for this award, rather a recipient is chosen by the committee members.

Past Award Recipients