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Virtual Drop In Sessions


ITE Virtual Drop-In sessions are a way for members to engage on a specific topic. These sessions are largely unstructured. There will be a short presentation by a member followed by a discussion, led by the presenter. The sessions are recorded and will be posted in the ITE Community for playback (available to ITE members only). To facilitate conversation, these sessions are limited to 20 participants per webinar.

If you are interested in convening a session, please email

Schedule (Upcoming/Past):

  • July 23, A Look Back at Design Speed, Paul Mackey, Safe Street/Rue Secure (Listen)
  • July 21, Trail Crossings: Signs, Marking, and Lights, Marvin Ta, Pennoni Associates (Listen)
  • July 16, Status of Reauthorization Bill, Jason DeGray, Advocacy Committee and Mark Norman, Reauthorization Task Force (Listen)
  • July 9, Proactive Safety Analysis (Listen)
  • July 7, Multimodal Transportation Analysis, Dan Hardy, Renaissance Planning (Listen)
  • July 2, Cybersecurity and Traffic Signals, Joseph Gregory and Ed Fok, FHWA (Listen)
  • June 23, Technologies and Methods for Continuous Monitoring of Road Safety and Traffic in Multimodal Transportation Facilities, Luis F. Miranda-Moreno, Associate Professor, McGill University and Paul G. St-Aubin, P.Eng., Ph.D., Sr. Product Manager, Transoft Solutions (ITS) (Listen)
  • June 16, Workforce Development in TSMO, Patrick Son, NOCoE (Listen)
  • June 4, Decorative Crosswalks, Rock Miller, Rock Miller & Associates (Listen)
  • June 2, Innovative Data Collection, Convener: Ian Barnes, Fehr and Peers (Listen)
  • May 28, Vision Zero during COVID-19, Meghan Mittman, Fehr and Peers and Leah Shahum, Vision Zero Network (Listen)
  • May 26, Walking Audit Case Study: Hagerstown, MD, Matthew Ridgeway, Fehr and Peers (Listen)
  • May 21: Integrating Traffic Management Centers with Emergency Communication Centers, Pat Noyes, Pat Noyes & Associates (Listen)
  • May 19, Traffic Signs: Too Many or Too Few?, Patrick Wright, Traffic Engineer, PennDOT’s Local Technical Assistance Program (Listen)
  • May 14, Arjan Van Andel, PTV: What Happens to Congestion When People Are Not Willing to Go Back to Transit? Tools, Practices, Ideas and Mitigation Strategies (Listen)
  • May 12, Hannah McKnight, VDOT: ADA Compliance and Curb Ramps (Listen)
  • May 7, Matt Baker, Polara: Touchless Pedestrian Push Buttons (Listen)
  • May 5, Marvin Ta, Pennoni Associates: Vision Zero: Pennslyvania Case Study (Listen)
  • April 30, Randy McCourt, ITE International President: Early Discussions of Transportation in a Post COVID-19 Era (Listen)
  • April 29, Mark Masongsong, UrbanLogiq: What Mobility Data is Telling Us About COVID-19 (Listen)
  • April 28: Rudy Umbs, P.E., RSP2I, Tindale Oliver: What is the Effect of the Coronavirus on Traffic Crashes?  Now and in the Future (Listen)
  • April 22: Wen Hu, IIHS: Hardening Left Turns (Listen)
  • April 21: Patrick Wright, PennDOT's Local Technical Assistance Program: Crosswalk Consistency (Listen)
  • April 20: Larry Marcus, Forward Progress: Curbside Management during COVID-19: Shifts and Impacts (Listen)
  • April 16: Bill Schultheiss, Toole Design: Adjusting Streets for More Walking and Biking (Listen)
  • April 15: Patricia Tice, University of Central Florida: Traffic Calming 201-Concepts from Art and Psychology (Listen)
  • April 14: Aaron Lockwood, Carmanah Technologies and Melisa Finley, TTI: Addressing Wrong-Way Driving (Listen)
  • April 13: Patrick Wright, PennDOT's Local Technical Assistance Program: Going Virtual-Tips to Transition Your In-Person Training During COVID-19 (Listen)
  • April 9: Abbas Mohaddes, Econolite: Signals as a Service (Listen)
  • April 8: Mark Johnson, MTJ Engineering: Keys to Successful and Safe Multi-Lane Roundabout Implementation (Listen)
  • April 7: Bill Cisco, PTV: What's Trending in Transportation Impact Analysis (Listen)
  • April 6: Eddie Curtis, FHWA: Transportation Funding and Traffic Signals (Listen)
  • April 2: Randy McCourt, ITE International President: Proposed Changes by the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Devices for Setting Speed Limits (Listen)
  • April 1: Erin Skimson, Miovision: Benefits of Remote Work Tools for Managing Traffic Infrastructure (Listen)
  • March 31: Shawn Leight: COVID-19 Problem Solving (Listen)
  • March 30: Peter Yauch, Iteris: RRFB Issues and Applications in Florida (Listen)