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2011 Traffic Bowl Winners

2011 International Collegiate Traffic Bowl Winners: Brigham Young University!

Congratulations to Brigham Young University, winners of the 2011 International Collegiate Traffic Bowl. Representing the Western District, competing team members Brad Brimley, Buffie Chau, Steven Dudley and alternate, Clancy Black had the correct final answer in the tournament, leading them to win 4,001 to 0 against the other two final teams, NC State University and University of Toronto. Congratulations to all of the District Champion teams for the hard work and enthusiasm in this spirited event!

Nine district-level teams participated in local competitions for a chance to compete in the Grand Championship held at the 2011 ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibit on August 16, 2011 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

The ITE Collegiate Traffic Bowl is a Jeopardy-style competition for ITE student chapters, designed to test the students’ knowledge of transportation planning and engineering topics. For information on the competition rules and instructions, click here.

District Level Competition Updates

2011 District ITE Collegiate Traffic Bowl
2011 Event Date
District Winner
Northeastern March 24 Amherst, MA University of Connecticut
Mid-Colonial April 27-29 Alexandria, VA University of Delaware
Great Lakes April 14-15 Columbus, OH Ohio State University
Midwestern June 26-28 Dubuque, IA University of Kansas
Southern April 10-13 Lafayette, LA North Carolina State University
Western July 10-13 Anchorage, AK Brigham Young University
Canadian May 29-June 1 Halifax, NS University of Toronto
Texas March 24-26 Fort Worth, TX Texas A&M University
Florida June 15-17 Naples, FL University of Florida

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